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REVIEW: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get The New Sony WH-1000xM4

It’s a perfect gift... and perfect for you.


Working and studying from home for almost half a year is a major struggle. I could write a blog dedicated to the distractions I encounter each day. Gone are the days when I could pack my things and work in a cafe, a co-working space, or study in the university’s library and be in a bubble.

One of the things in my wishlist is a pair of wireless, noise-cancelling headphones. Something light but could (completely) cover my ears and something that screams: “don’t bother me I’m busy” because they’re that obvious. And most importantly, something I could bring wherever I go (when this pandemic is finally over.)

So the tech gods decided to bless us with Sony WH-1000xM4. I had the opportunity to try these babies. And, mind you, they’re stunning. 

Here are the reasons why:

They’re light and comfortable

With its minimal design: matte texture and bronze finish of the Sony brand makes these premium headphones appealing. The ear cups give my ears more room and the paddings are comfortable.

It’s light which allows me to use it for longer hours without feeling discomfort.The WH-1000XM4 is also compact. The headphones are foldable, hence not making it bulky because it could fit into your bag. You’re welcome.

Top-notch noise-cancelling feature

Zone out because the noise-cancelling feature of XM4 will make you happy. There are two microphones on each cap that senses and adjusts to music and noise signals, it could cancel sounds of street traffic, airplane noise, and human voices, resulting in an immersive listening experience. Best of all, it has a personal noise-cancelling optimizer tailoring the sound for its user. 

This personally helped me focus on the modules I have to deal with during my study sessions. It’s noise-cancelling capabilities puts me in the zone. Remind me to thank these guys when I get good grades this semester.

Superb audio quality

Yes. High resolution audio. Sony even sneaked in a DSEE feature (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) which upscales compressed music files. Enabling the listeners to hear the music as the artist intended to. Vocals, interludes—making the listening experience complete and satisfactory. 

They’re smart!

The right cap is touch sensitive. You can control the music and volume by tapping and swiping, you don’t need to unlock your phone if you want to jump to the next track or adjust the volume. 

It has a Speak-to-Chat feature. As soon as you speak, it stops the music, enabling you to converse. As soon as you stop chatting, the music then plays again. Another feature is it’s proximity sensors. It could detect whether you’re wearing them or not. As soon as I wear them off, it automatically stops the music. I put it back on, I hear Harry Styles again. Saves battery power!

It’s an investment

These premium headphones aren’t cheap but will give value for your money. If you are very particular with how you consume music, taking these matters seriously, and you have the budget for it, it’s the perfect gift for yourself or for someone you know are into these things. And you can use it for a very long time. 

Some cons

  • While it’s light and could fit perfectly, we don’t recommend this for workouts as it’s not water-resistant.
  • If you own the WH-1000xM3, you don’t have to get this (unless you really want to and you have the budget for it) while the minor but significant upgrades are there, if you’re not very particular about it, they’re pretty much the same.

The verdict? Personally, this is by far the best yet. Getting a good pair of headphones is, for me, an investment. For someone who attends online classes, and requires less to zero distractions as much as possible with the amount of text I have to read for school and work, this will count as a good and reasonable purchase.