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This Year on TikTok: Celebrating The Community and Videos That Brought Filipinos Together in 2020

Here’s a look back on everyone and everything that made TikTok a source of positivity and inspiration throughout this year

It hasn’t been the easiest year, but 2020 was not without its good parts, too. In fact, we’ve seen hundreds of Filipinos come to the aid of kababayans in the midst of a pandemic, a string of damaging typhoons, and a volcanic eruption. Many have done what they could to spread happiness and inspiration as well, both online and within their local communities, throughout these troubled times.

On TikTok, countless creators have used their talents and creativity for good, transforming the app into a positive space where people can come together for entertainment, enjoyment, and even learning. Let’s look back at the top 100 accounts, hashtags and trends that stood out on TikTok in 2020, touching and enriching the lives of everyone on the app.

Check out the rest of the year-end lists below:

Top 10 Most Popular Stickers in 2020

TikTok stickers add extra flair to videos shared on the app. This past year, the 10 most used stickers on the platform are:


Face Time

Film Filture

Green Screen

Pink Orange

Blink of an Eye Love


Clone Squad

Green Screen Video

Emoji Imitation

Top Edu Creators of the Year

Educational creators revolutionized TikTok content in 2020, providing an enriched browsing experience for their followers on the app. Millions of videos containing life lessons, DIY tutorials and hacks, advice for entrepreneurs and career professionals, inspiration and more, were shared by these Edu Creators. Among them, the most popular include motivational speaker Kilimanguru, Pastor Arshie Larga, and Small Talk Podcast host Jen Barangan. The Top 10 Edu Creators of the Year on TikTok are:

Kilimanguru (Medicine)  

Arshie Larga (Pharmacy)  

Jen Barangan (Flight Attendant)

Chezka Carandang (Pilot)   

Saira Margarita (Architect)  

Gian Borlongan (Architect)

Janice Hung (Kung Fu Tutorials)

Alley Alcantara (Medical Technician)

Cher Alcantara (Attorney) 

Louie Liza Calma (Health Tips) 

2020’s Top Food Creators

Food and cooking videos are always a big hit online, and this goes the same for TikTok, too. From the best recipes to make at home, the newest restaurants to visit, and the most delicious dishes to try, these are the creators to follow. The top three food creators on TikTok in 2020 are Forkspoonmanila, Bok Cabanting, and Cynthia Alambatin. Here’s the full list of TikTok’s top food creators for 2020:


Bok Cabanting 

Cynthia Alambatin 

Erwan Heusaff 

The Bald Baker Ph 

Samuel Agnas 

Chef Mark Joseph 

Matthew Carpio 

Diana Franchesca de Castro 


Top Fitness Creators for 2020

Keeping fit while staying home was made easier this past year through the help of fitness creators who shared their exercise routines and regimens online. On TikTok, the top fitness creators for the year are Coach Anne Aniag, AR Resurreccion and Camille Medina. The 10 most followed fitness creators on TikTok in 2020 are:

Coach Anne Aniag

AR Resurreccion 

Camille Medina 

Sofia Po 

Brent Seniedo

Doc Jet Fitness 

Kristina Luisa 

Kathy Amurao-Herrera

Isaiah Escarilla 


OPM Songs Most Listened To in 2020

One of the best things about creating videos on TikTok is the huge music library that you can access on the app. In 2020, these OPM songs were used the most as soundtracks for various content on TikTok. The 10 most popular OPM songs on TikTok in 2020 are:

Pangga (Matthaios)  

Marikit (Juan Caoile ft. Kyle) 

 Dyosa (Yumi) 

Chinita Girl (Lil Vinceyy) 

Wag Na Lang (MC Einstein and Skusta Clee) 

Filipina Aye (Je)

Bambambam  (Karencitta) 

Binibini - Matthaios 

Magandang Dilag (JM Bales) 

Kabilang Buhay (Bandang Lapis)