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TikTok Creator Convos 2021: Eats Back to Basics

TikTok holds its first event of the year, and it's all about going back to basics

TikTok has just kicked off its 2021 Creator Convos series with Eats Back to Basics. Members of the online food community, including bloggers, influencers, and media gathered together at this intimate online activity, which took place on January 21, 2021.


At the event, three food content creators were invited to share their experiences in using the app, along with their personal recipes for creating stellar TikTok content. The first featured creator was Arvin Abreu, who is known as @bigboyph online. A budding food creator who loves to cook and eat, Arvin started his TikTok account just last December. He has since gained more than 1k followers weekly, most of whom enjoy watching his easy to follow recipes.

Jeffrey King Gonzales, a food creator from Bohol, also spoke during the event. He is known on TikTok as @foodietarsiidae. Jeffrey gives followers a taste of local flavors through his videos, which he creates using a combination of transitions and sound effects to make them more fun to watch.

The final speaker was creator and chef, Marky Bartolome. Currently one of the top food creators on TikTok, @chefmarkjoseph, shares delicious recipes with his followers on the app. This young chef from Valenzuela City started his culinary career overseas, before finally opening his own restaurant in the Philippines.

As they talked about their TikTok journey, the creators explained how they use in-app features such as filters, effects, and text to elevate their cooking content. They also gave helpful tips and tricks for editing videos on the app. Each creator then shared their own recipe videos showing event attendees how to prepare healthy dishes at home.

Through its simple, easy to use interface, TikTok empowers content creators to produce high quality content on the app. Because of this, people are much more creative here compared to any other platform. As a place that brings content creators together, you can count on TikTok to deliver content that is real, inspiring, fun, and educational.


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