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Ultimate Gift Guide: A Filmmaker's Phone

Film every precious moment and create cinemagic with Xiaomi 11T—the ultimate gift for your creative loved-ones

When looking for gifts, it’s important to find something that will not just satisfy, but it must also be something that can amaze your loved ones. A device that can bring new and extraordinary experiences through each use, further endearing you to them. 
The Xiaomi 11T comes in three stunning colors: White, Black, and Blue

If you’re nodding in agreement right now, take a look at the Xiaomi 11T, a powerhouse for content creators with its innovative “Cinemagic” features that will rival other photography and videography mobiles. It’s movie-magic at your fingertips! 

Cinemagic Features

The Xiaomi 11T offers supreme value for money with its industry-leading filmmaking technology such as a high-resolution triple camera and advanced AI algorithm tools.  There’s the one-click AI cinema, which gives multiple computational videography effects and a one-tap switch. 


It comes with a triple camera featuring a 108MP high-resolution, wide angle camera, a 120° ultra-wide angle camera, and a 2x tele macro camera, plus, in front is a 16MP in-display selfie camera. 

It comes with remarkable hardware strength and professional algorithm tuning so anyone can get amazing picture resolution and texture either in light or dark environments. This means that the photographer gets light exactly where they want it, whether creating a bright, well-lit portrait that looks like it was done in a studio, or a moody, atmospheric shot where the light sources capture the corners of the subject’s face.

Moira dela Torre takes a selfie using the Xiaomi 11T

Some of the cinema modes or movie effects we love include Time Freeze—where it looks as if the subject is frozen in time but the background still moves; Parallel Worlds—where it automatically creates a mirror image along the horizontal axis, Magic Zoom, which helps focus on a certain object and makes gives it that dolly-like cinematic zoom. There’s also Audio Zoom where the photographer can Zoom on a subject and the camera will capture the audio only of that object, perfect for ASMR and other similar types of videos.  

Plus, did you know that Xiaomi Studios has partnered with Sundance Collab as an introduction to filmmaking by way of smartphones—all for free! That way your gift is even more meaningful as you can also show them where they can learn about filmmaking and maximizing their device. Check more of that here.

Form and function

There are three options for the colors: a brushed finish—Meteorite Gray, Moonlight White, and Celestial Blue. The Xiaomi 11T comes with a 6.67” 120Hz flat AMOLED display that gives HDR10+ with over 1 billion colors. With this fast display refresh rate, the Xiaomi 11T display can adjust automatically, depending on the content. This means that the user will not only get to save on power, but can also get a more fluid viewing experience. Also with the 480Hz touch sampling rate, the user experience is smoother, and browsing is snappier and will get quicker feedback. 

It’s also good on the eyes—it has a reading mode which creates a paper-like reading experience, an 360° ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts the brightness level for optimal comfort, and a True Display with options to do cool or warm light to lessen the impact on the eyes.

Finally, it’s important that your loved one can take this device with them anywhere, so they’d appreciate the power-efficient MediaTek Dimensity 12000-Ultra chipset and its huge 5000mAh battery. But if they do end up losing juice after all the photography and videography work, then they can also opt to use the 67W wired turbo charger that can get their Xiaomi 11T to 100% in just 36 minutes!

Own Your Style with the New, Ultra-Sleek Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE


Own Your Style with the New, Ultra-Sleek Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

Xiaomi 11T comes in two variants, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB with a retail price of PHP 21,990 and PHP 24,990 respectively. Each purchase of the device comes with a 1+1 year limited warranty and free screen replacement within six months. Check it out at your nearest Xiaomi Authorized Stores. For more information visit the Xiaomi website and follow Xiaomi on Facebook and Instagram.