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We Tried The Vivo V17 Pro For A Week It Went Beyond Expectations

Here’s what happened when our Editor-in-Chief took out the Vivo V17 Pro to her parties

I was part of the well-heeled crowd sitting in Shangrila at the Fort for Vivo’s big event when they finally announced the significance of the number 6. “Six cameras! Oh my!” That got me excited. You see, a few minutes earlier, I was with photographer Xander Angeles outside, and he was demonstrating some of the photos he had taken from the Vivo V17 Pro he’s been using for days now. From the low light photos of the Makati and Manila skyline, to streetscapes, to a selfie he was quite reluctant to take, all the photos that came out were crystal clear, even when you zoom, the outlines of buildings were crisp and distinguishable. 

As they were unveiling the features, I got even more curious. The camera specs were off the charts, with its 32MP Dual Elevating Front Camera, the Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display, and the rear 48MP AI Quad Camera. I was especially curious about the “Super Night Mode” and wanted to try out the “Pose Master” perhaps in our of our fashion editorials. Plus, the Super Wide-Angle in itself has so much potential in terms of showcasing everything. 

Well, like I always say, the real differentiator is really hands-on experience, so I was please to have had a chance to play with the Vivo V17 Pro for an entire week.

Here are the five things that really upped my fashion game: 

1. It’s all in the details. In fashion, there’s really so much emphasis on the little elements—from the fabric, stitching, to the fringes, and all the little things that make a fashion piece unique. A closer look is so important, which is why having a rear camera with 48MP that can give you either a super wide angle, bokeh, or macro, makes such a big difference. I went to Kristine Dee’s private jewelry trunk show with just the Vivo V17 Pro on hand, and I was able to capture everything, from her jewelry tableau to the smallest details of a diamond piece. The Macro mode is able to capture images from a distance of 4 centimeters! Some of these details aren’t even readily visible from the naked eye, so it gives so much more dimension to fashion pieces. 

2. See everything with the super wide shots. We’re used to seeing the full picture, so sometimes it can get pretty frustrating if you can only show one part or one scene. This is why I’m a big fan of the 48MP Super Wide-Angle camera that expands landscape shots. I made use of the Super Night Mode in a private Leon Gallery Auction event, and thought the area was pretty dark, I managed to capture the scene—from the artworks and antiques displayed, to the artists and guests enjoying cocktails and canapes. 

3. Solution for low light conditions. Most parties, especially ones at night, are done in low light, which is why we always try to get professionals use their DSLRs to compensate for the lighting conditions. But I’ve always believed that the best camera is the one you have on hand, which is why for our events, we tend to make use of our mobile phones to capture the best moments. I took the phone for a spin to Bea Constantino’s collaboration launch with Glenfiddich, and I did not just get fantastic low light shots but videos as well! 

4. The best groupfies, without stretching your neck. If you check your phone history, selfies would probably take a good portion of your photo usage. Plus, groupfies, which are group selfies, are more common now, yet unless you have really long arms, it’s quite hard to fit everyone in one shot. I tried this one with the Vivo V17 Pro during our despedida dinner for my brother-in-law who was on his way back to the London. I tried it indoors, in yellow restaurant lighting, and outdoors, when it was quite dark. That’s where the Super Night Selfie feature really made a big difference, and it was a pleasant surprise that I could capture our big bunch using the 8MP Super Wide-Angle selfie feature. Afterwards, I found out that the Super Night Selfie actually captures multiple frames which are combined into a final image, to make the faces stand out from the background.

5. Intelligent photography for every occasion. Whether food shots, jewelry shots, or cute toddler photos—mobile phone cameras need to be one step ahead, helping us think of the best way to capture images. That’s why the 48MP AI Quad Camera is so important, through the AI algorithms embedded, it always suggests the best settings for every shot. Check out some of my favorite photos.