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Welcome To Clubhouse: 5 Ways To Join In On The Conversation

Here's everything you've wondered about the first ever talk-in social media app built for meaningful conversations and connections

If you want a seat at the cool kids’ table or create your own, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Clubhouse, the first ever talk-in social media app that is the only Zoom-like meeting you will never fail to contribute to (or just listen in on.)

Founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the app first made waves to the public in March 2020 and has since been downloaded by over 2 million individuals. Frequenters of the app include big names like Ashton Kutcher, Oprah, and Jared Leto, to name a few.

So much like the clubhouses we always wanted to be a part of, how does one sign up? Here are five ways to navigate through the app.

1. It’s invite-only—for now

Okay, so the cool kids’ table may be shut off for public consumption now. But before you pack up your lunch bag, don’t fret. Chances are, most of your friend list is up on the app and can spot you an invite.

If you already gave them a heads up and it slipped their mind that one time, you can sign up ahead of time and join the waitlist. One or two people will be alerted and will bring you in.

The reason why the app is invite-only is because the Clubhouse team wants to ensure they regulate the user database properly, and capacity factors in with that.

2. List down your interests


When the gates finally let you through, you will be welcomed with a series of interests. Make sure to click on the ones you want to talk about or learn more about.

The great thing about Clubhouse is it sections rooms according to your interests, so if it’s writing you want, there are specific rooms that cater to such.

One of Clubhouse’s main objectives is for you to meet like-minded people, so be sure to have your interests mapped out so you can get with the right crowd. An insider tip? Join in on the Clubhouses and attend a room or two. These sessions will brief you enough on how best to contribute to a conversation.

3. Literally join in on the conversation

While most rooms already have a fixed set of speakers, some rooms give you the opportunity to join in. Take this chance to “raise your hand” in the room and a speaker will let you “up on stage.”

Like the clubhouses of yore, the fun is always when we are part of such a community, and because of the pandemic, this is the best way to do it.

4. Make sure to listen, too

They say that listening is both a basic and a difficult skill to pin down, especially if there is so much to say about something we love to talk about. But the best part of Clubhouse is the meeting of the minds, and while you get to speak yours, let others speak too.

Just like in most meeting apps like Zoom or Microsoft Teams for the corporate world, mute your microphone to avoid background noises or worse, conversations the whole room doesn’t want to hear.

Most rooms also have a no-interruption policy, so make sure to wait your turn before you sound off.

5. Finally, socialize as much as you want

Clubhouse may seem intimidating at first especially since you feel like you’re listening into a conversation, but the point of the app is to make conversation and to make friends. Personally, I have met great people on the app and it’s nice to have great discussions about the things that hold my interest.

There are so many rooms to drop in to or muster the courage to create your own. It’s amazing and surprising how many people will surely come knocking on your clubhouse, waiting to sign up and listen (and chime in!) to what you have to say.

For those who are on Android phones, the app is only still available to iPhone/iOS users (via the AppStore) but the founders are currently working on a version for that as well as making it public. But for now, the exclusivity is still at play. Don’t worry, there is a space waiting for you.

So when you do get on, make sure to make every conversation worth it.