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WATCH: These #ProudlyBeautiful Queens Give Us A Sneak Peek Of Their Beauty Secrets

Beauty opens doors, while confidence gives you the courage to forge your own path.

This is a statement beauty queens Kris Janson (Miss Intercontinental 2014), Katarina Rodriguez (Miss World Philippines 2018), Ahtisa Manalo (Miss International 1st Runner-Up), and Steffi Aberasturi (Bb. Pilipinas Cebu 2018) definitely agree with. Being beautiful is one thing, but making the most of that beauty to champion your personal passions and in the process inspire others to be confident in their own skin, too, is another altogether. 

"Nothing comes really easy but as long as you are determined, you work hard for it, it will take you somewhere"  Steffi points out.  As these #ProudlyBeautiful women prove, the key to true beauty lies in completely trusting in what you are capable of, and directing all that confidence into pursuing fruitful and meaningful endeavors that can push one to the top of her game. The happiness that comes with such accomplishments helps give one that noticeably healthy skin from within.

And, as Kris reveals, having d-Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E) Myra E as part of their beauty arsenal adds a whole lot of difference to their daily routines. "When you take good care of your skin, you're confident. I think that the four of us agree that to be #ProudlyBeautiful, we all need Myra E. That's our beauty secret" she says.

In a series of exclusive upcoming features on Metro.Style, these four brand ambassadors, along with six other beautiful women who are excelling in their respective fields, will reveal more about their passions, their dreams, and their beauty secrets. All the tips they will share will empower you to believe that you, too, can be #ProudlyBeautiful.