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8 Best Going-Out Shoes For The New Normal

Slip into these new normal must-haves right now!

The hunt for the perfect pair of shoes to use during The New Normal can be as easy as clicking the add to cart and checkout button or you can always take the sustainable route and rewear your most worn shoes. If you've been planning to spend  on a new pair of shoes, we've curated them for you. We give you 8 comfortable and stylish pairs that will essentially make your life easier disinfection-wise. From a pair of staple white sneakers that will only take one or two rubs of soap and water to clean to the most dapper looking PVC loafers that will withstand spritzes of disinfectant spray, we weren't joking when we said we will make your life easier in case you badly need to go outdoors. Since we had fun making this guide, we also included our go-to sandals for running errands and work-from-home shoe must-haves!

Bonus! Please revisit our complete guide on proper shoe disinfection, too!


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Bottega Veneta BV Rubber Lido Sandals

The Bottega Veneta BV Lido is the most stylish pair of sandals you can ever ask for. Perfect for denim looks and dressing down your puffy day dress, this pair is made to make your daily outfits interesting.

  • Bottega Veneta BV Rubber Lido Sandals

Primadonna Thong Sandals

Yes, you finally have the perfect reason to wear flipflops on rare occasions when you have meetings outdoors. The thong sandals from Primadonna has the best muted shade of grey to shake up your head-to-toe neutral ensemble.

  • Primadonna Thong Sandals

By Far Mindy 70 Patent Sandals

If you are ready to take your new found obsession with thong sandals further then you best cop this pair from By Far. The lime green color way and one-inch heel is enough for us to fall in love with this pair.

  • By Far Mindy 70 Patent Sandals

Suicoke Depa Cab Sandals

Suicoke is getting its much-deserved hype here on Metro.Style. This cult Japanese brand has the chicest pair of outdoor sandals for days when you want to embrace your inner streetwear fashionista. Pair this with a puffy day dress or the tiniest cropped top and trousers combo! Don't forget that you can also wear funky-colored socks with this one.

  • Suicoke Depa Cab Sandals

Andante Ballerine Flats in White

This pair of white flats from Andante is the best new normal shoe for fashionistas who rarely use sneakers outdoors. The Ballerine flats comes in white, black, maroon, and avocado, all you have to do is pick a color that best fits your style!

  • Andante Ballerine Flats in White

Melissa Penny Loafers

Melissa is famous for their candy-scented PVC shoes that are made to last wear or tear. Unlike the usual leather loafers, these Penny Loafers are made from PVC which are way easier to disinfect! All you have to do is spritz a good amount of disinfectant spray all over this pair and leave it overnight to fully strip away bacteria from the outdoors.

  • Melissa Penny Loafers

New Balance 990

Deemed as the all-time supermodel shoe, the New Balance 990 was quick to pick up style hype all over Instagram and we are not exempted to this shoe craze. It is a no brainer why we included this pair on this list.

  • New Balance 990

Nike Blazer Mid ’77 ‘Rubberised Crimson’

Your white sneakers is bound to get a fresher update with the Nike Blazer 77. There are so many outfits we can pull off with this pair! In fact, we already made up about 10 outfits in our head by just seeing this pair online, what more if we actually have this in our sneaker rotation for the new normal.

  • Nike Blazer Mid ’77 ‘Rubberised Crimson’
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