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8 Online Boutiques To Shop From During The Metro Manila Lockdown + They Ship To The Philippines!

Make the most out of your work from home, shop the latest from these luxury boutiques.

In the midst of chaos, keep it cool, calm, and collected and stay indoors. The silver lining in self-quarantine or the opportunity to work from home is literally in front of you right now. The world wide web makes everything accessible from the latest on news, social movements, pop culture, music, art, films, fashion, and literally anything under the sun but digitalized. In the height of the COVID-19 situation, spend your extra hours of working from home by how we fashion girls know best, shopping!

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Stir the routine every so often and maybe put a little window shopping on the side or better yet, purchase the next fashion piece you will be sporting once the lockdown is lifted. Online shopping is bliss and you have to admit it! If adding something into your cart brings you joy, what more when you actually braved up to bring it to checkout?

It’s easy to click and save but we are far from tolerating you to hoard on pieces you might not actually need. Keep the right intuition when it comes to selecting items on your cart. Be mindful of the price, size, and if you’re taking shopping to the next level, also consider the materials used and the type of production it might have went through. 

Enough about online shopping etiquette, we already made sure you know what we’re trying to put across, now for the best part! Because we love you so much and we want you to see the light in this situation, we gathered all the online boutiques that ship to the Philippines. Now you can shop for the latest on luxury goods and the coveted up-and-coming brands from all over the world. Shop fuss-free and even receive you package right on your front door (all current protocols allowing), it’s as easy as that! 

Ready, set, shop worldwide:

The Fashion Week Aftermath: COVID-19 Puts A Temporary Halt To Luxury Goods


The Fashion Week Aftermath: COVID-19 Puts A Temporary Halt To Luxury Goods