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You Won’t Believe How Much These ‘Astro Boy’ Boots On Blythe Cost!

Would you wear it?

The internet went crazy when the first sighting of the cartoonish red boots hit social media. Now, Andrea Brillantes is one of the first to cop the cute Big Red Boots by artistic collective MSCHF.


Blythe is seen wearing the said boots in a novelty shop with Hello Kitty items. The content is an ode to what the boots look like: Astro Boy’s shoes in the 2009 cartoon film of the same name. Since it’s release this month, influencers have been seen wearing it for fun, for fashion, or really just for overall cuteness.


The boots, aptly called Big Red Boots, is from MSCHF. The American art collective are rebels in the art world because of their bizarre artistic creations ranging from browser plugins, sneakers to, well, these boots. 

The boots are made of TPU rubber shell so must feel really soft and comfortable! As for the price, it’s $350 or around P19,000.

Would you wear these boots?

Photos from Blythe

Art by Raff Colmenar