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Holy Week Project: Put Any Print Onto Your Plain Tees In Just 10 Minutes!

No fancy machinery needed! We didn't think it's this easy!

This week we’re not only social distancing from the crowd but we’re also isolating ourselves from whatever we choose to sacrifice for Holy Week. Since most of us are already gearing towards pulling the plug and going offline, it's time for home projects we never thought could be done so easily! Now is the best time to trasnform our plain white or colored tees into printed ones, and of your choice!

With just three easy steps, you can already create a printed tee under 10 minutes or less. Make your own statement tee with uplifting words like a Viktor & Rolf inspired slogan that says I Am My Own Muse or print out your favorite meme. Thanks to the world wide web, we found the perfect tutorial on Tiktok. Who would’ve thought the viral platform could also be an avenue for one-minute craft learners! 

You will need:


Bond Paper


Cling Wrap

Parchment Paper



As easy as Print-Place-Press!

1. Print out a picture or a text on a bond paper and cut it out.

2. Wrap the printed photo or text with a cling wrap.

3. Make sure that the front and back part of the print is cleanly done to avoid bubbles or bumpiness when pressed unto the shirt.

4.Place the print over your shirt. Add the parchment paper on top of the print and iron out.

5. Let it cool down and voila! 

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