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5 Dad-Inspired Eyewear Shapes To Add In Your Collection Now!

Find out which frame and trend speaks to you the most.

As much as we want to solely focus on eyewear form and function on this special style guide, we must say that we considered heaps and heaps of dad-inspired eyewear silhouettes to come up with a solid top 5. From the classic aviators, wayfarers, and rimless sunglasses to function-turned-hype pieces, the athleisure and shield sunglasses, best believe we got every style origin, pop culture references, and trend updates to fill your time with sensible matter! 

Get to know each piece and check out our top three picks for each eyewear trend:



We’re never getting tired of the classics and that’s a fact. The Aviators or the so-called pilot’s glasses were made to be lighter, thinner, and elegantly designed to match a pilot’s uniform which ultimately replaced the traditional flight goggles used in common and military aircrafts. The Aviators have been a staple since early 1936 from World War heroes to its influence in '80s and '90s pop culture. Worn by the likes of Madonna, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston, and Leonardo Dicaprio, it would be a bummer to miss out on this classic piece.

Decades and decades later, the Aviators are still worn by men and women worldwide. From its famed slightly-tinted lenses and gold frames to an array of colors, hardware, and stylized logo mania, the Aviators continuously outdoes itself every time! 

Ray-Ban Classic Aviators

  • Ray-Ban Classic Aviators

Gentle Monster MioMio 032(B)

  • Gentle Monster MioMio 032(B)

Gucci Gold-Tone Aviators

  • Gucci Gold-Tone Aviators


The Wayfarers were the very first sunglasses to frame faces with its then newest plastic molding technology. Popular in the '70s and '80s, the sunglasses gained fame as the notorious bold fashion statement that primarily gives any face the definition and strength it needs. Strength in the sense that its thick black frames were more than enough to compliment its dark tinted lenses. Although the Wayfarers were most likely worn by men and actors during its early phases in Hollywood, the very lenses we see on screen are now worn by dozens of femme fashion icons such as Meghan Markle, Emily Ratajkowski, the Olsen Sisters, and more.

Sunnies Studios Neo Wayfarer


  • Sunnies Studios Neo Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

  • Ray-Ban Wayfarer Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Valentino VLogo wayfarer sunglasses

  • Valentino VLogo wayfarer sunglasses


Unlike all the other classic frames mentioned, the Rimless sunglasses did not come from your usual story. Made as a lovechild between graded eyewear and sunglasses, the Rimless sunglasses were specifically manufactured for individuals with eyesight problems. Tints were added to its lenses to protect the eyes from UV rays while the lens grade remains consistent to match your eyesight. 

Now worn as an accessory luxury and streetwear fashion runway shows, street style, and in recent pop culture, the Rimless sunglass is still a closet staple loved for both of its function and design as seen on supermodels Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid to Blackpink's Jennie.

Sunnies Studios Ando Skinny Pilot Sunglasses

  • Sunnies Studios Ando Skinny Pilot Sunglasses

Miu Miu Embellished Societe Sunglasses

  • Miu Miu Embellished Societe Sunglasses

Emilio Pucci Butterfly-shape Rimless Sunglasses

  • Emilio Pucci Butterfly-shape Rimless Sunglasses


Sports-Inspired sunglasses and its love-hate relationship with the fashion industry is the main reason why these frames are worthy on this list. Wearing these strongly curved wrap-arounds is the boldest power move you can ever do in 2020. More than just a fad, these frames are manufactured with its signature snug and function, the Athleisure sunglasses are mainly coveted by active individuals in track, cycling, and hiking where movement is utmost importance. Luxury and streetwear brands such as Off-White, Balenciaga, and Maison Margiela have only recently adapted a variation of Athleisure sunglasses on the runway and it has been a conversational piece since then. 

Sunnies Face Niko Sunbeam Sunglasses

  • Sunnies Face Niko Sunbeam Sunglasses

MYKITA + Maison Margiela Rimless Sunglasses

  • MYKITA + Maison Margiela Rimless Sunglasses

ROCKBROS Gradient Cycling Glasses

  • ROCKBROS Gradient Cycling Glasses


The Shield sunglasses hold an unobstructed stereoscopic view of everything ahead. Its larger than life lenses is a hard to miss feature that is commonly used in skiing and other active sports. With the recent surge for protective gear, the Shield sunglasses now performs as a stylistic choice to protect oneself from the virus. Its wearable frame and lenses proves that it is the best and most attainable alternative to a face shield. 

Only the boldest choose to wear this pair of big bad frames but for those who want to try and brave up the streets with these sunglasses, it would be helpful to start with clear or slightly tinted lenses before you jump headfirst to its much reflective option. 

Cartier Rimless Shield Sunglasses

  • Cartier Rimless Shield Sunglasses

Emilio Pucci Geometric Shield Sunglasses

  • Emilio Pucci Geometric Shield Sunglasses

Carrera Limited Edition Full-Shield Sunglasses

  • Carrera Limited Edition Full-Shield Sunglasses