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How To Dress For Paris In The Fall With Stephanie-Kienle Gonzalez

Learn a thing or two about Parisian fashion from Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez’s recent trip to France

Paris is all about the finer things in life—fine dining, exquisite wine, and classic fashion. And when you’re heading to Paris, expect to dress up a bit more than you’re used to.

Parisian fashion is all about staying classy and simple, while making sure you’re prepared for the changing weathers. So if you’re packing for the stylish city of Paris, forget your crocs and baggy pants and graffiti shirts at home.

Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez is a woman of style through and through, and dressing classy is almost second nature to her. Having spent her years in Paris before, she also understands what makes a Parisian girl. And now that she’s gone back to Paris to shoot Metro Channel’s The Crawl France, we ask her some tips and hacks on packing and styling for her trip.

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10 Tips For Your Next French Escapade From A Certified “The Crawl France” Food Crawler

Pack smart

Expect a lot of commuting when you’re visiting France, especially if you want to visit the countryside apart from Paris. So bringing around too many bags for your things might be a bit of a hassle.

Imagine how challenging it would have been for Steph to pack for a 9-day trip around France! But she took on this challenge and came up with 14 beautiful outfits for the shoot.

“For The Crawl, I didn't have the luxury to bring 3 suitcases, so I tried to keep my packing smart. I ended up with 2 large suitcases that fit 14 outfits and was thankful to have the production team help me lug the suitcases from Paris to Rhone!” says Steph.

So when packing, decide on your outfits beforehand—and take photos of each outfit if you must. This way, you’re not bringing clothes you won’t wear or use throughout your trip. And if you’re planning to go shopping for clothes anyway, maybe you don’t need to bring as much!

Narrow down your color palette

Paris is about classy outfits and silhouttes—and what’s classier than the color black? When asked, a lot of Parisians recommend to stock up on black because it’s easy to wear and pair with, and easy to dress up for when you need to.

Steph takes this tip further and explains, “I would say per trip, narrow down your color palette. Choose one or two colors that will be repeated in several outfits and bring a pair of shoes and bag of that color so you can tie the look altogether. While I enjoy prints, I do stick to solid colors especially when packing for autumn or winter so that certain pieces can be used in different OOTDs.”

You’ll notice that Steph’s outfits for The Crawl France centered around black, white, and neutrals. This way, it’s easy for her to match her coats, shoes, and accessories, and she doesn’t have to bring around too much stuff. Layering is key when going somewhere cold, so sticking to easy-to-pair colors will also make layering so much easier.

“Unless there is a fabulous dress you want to wear and you work your whole outfit around it,” she adds. Just like this eye-catching pink layered skirt or this beautiful floral top.

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Be versatile

It’s okay to repeat that top or that scarf or that coat. The key here is being smart when it comes to mixing and matching your clothes so it looks like a brand new look every time.

Steph is also a fan of sustainable fashion so she tries to wear even her summer clothes during the colder months! How? This white summer dress would have been too cold for autumn, but by adding a turtleneck and tights underneath, and layering with a warm blazer, she turned it into a complete fall look.

No sky-high heels

Heels make and complete an outfit, and the right pair would let you stand out in a crowd. But when in France, you have to keep in mind that you’ll be walking around in cobblestone steps, and walking in sky-high heels might limit you.

Autumn in France is already particularly cold, especially when you come from a tropical country. That’s why instead of packing those beautiful heels, opt for boots with shorter or block heels to protect your feet from the cold. Comfortable boots that can take you from day to night is key to enjoying your time in Paris. It’s also the perfect opportunity to bring out your knee-high boots!


Three of Steph’s most important fashion essentials when going to Paris are a cashmere sweater, coat, and scarf. She says, “I always bring a cashmere sweater in my handcarry as you never know when you'll need that extra layer.” Weather in France can be a bit unpredictable, and temperatures can drop easily as the day goes. So to be sure, have a handy sweater to layer when it gets too cold.

When the sweater is not enough, that’s when your coat comes in. And don’t just choose something that looks good; make sure it protects you from the cold. A coat that is both stylish and warm is one of the best investments you’ll make.

Scarves are also a great tool to protect yourself from the cold. A stylish one will also double as an accessory and can level up your entire outfit.

Accessorize—but not too much

It’s all about keeping it classy and simple. If you’re sticking to a muted palette or monochrome layers, the best way to up it a notch is using simple jewelries and accessories to wrap up the look. Apart from the usual accessories, Paris is also the perfect city to don that beautiful hat.

In some of her OOTDs, Steph elevates her outfits with the clever use of a beret and a Breton cap, in true Parisian fashion.

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Want more of Steph’s beautiful Parisian looks? Join Jhonel Faelnar and Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez as they explore the food and wine culture of France on The Crawl France, premiered on December 8, 7 p.m., on iWant, Youtube, and Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD.

Images from Lala Ventura and @stephkienlegonzalez