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Where To Get What Hyun Bin Wore At The Metro.Style Digital Cover Feature

We tracked some of the pieces our K-Drama heartthrob wore at the shoot! Add to cart now to get a sense of anything Hyun Bin!

We do love a man with great style—and what more if it’s Hyun Bin? In his first-ever exclusive digital cover in the Philippines, the Korean star graced Metro.Style’s cover all in his Hyun Bin glory. We are particularly swooning over his blazer looks—a classic yet in a way so sexy.


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We scoured the interweb to find out where to get the exact pieces he wore in our feature!

The Statement Blazer

A good blazer is everywhere, but a great blazer? Not often! This almost handpainted-looking jacket on Hyun Bin fits like a glove on him. The teal and green streaks make it all the more special.

Leave it to Hyun Bin to rock a runway look from Hermès Spring/Summer 2019 collection. While last year’s pieces are not up for grabs anymore on their website, visit the site and email to get older pieces.

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The Graphic Tee

A blazer over a hot tee is a Hyun Bin signature. Even when he’s in streetwear pieces, he makes sure its topnotch. This Sculpture Tee is a Craig Green classic. Inspired by the brand’s S/S ’20 runway show, the print was first seen as an oversized element on the runway. This was then reinterpreted for commercial use onto a T-shirt in varying colors.

The life-sized structure tee print from Craig Green S/S '19 show | Photo courtesy of

While the exact blue version is out of stock, get the red one which can ship directly from Hong Kong!

Craig Green Sculpture Crew Neck Tee


Craig Green Sculpture Crew Neck Tee

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Watch more of our exclusive interview with Hyun Bin himself in the YouTube link below!

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EXCLUSIVE: Korean Superstar Hyun Bin In His First-Ever Philippine Digital Cover