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The New Jimmy Choo Core Collection Is Out—Here's Where To Shop Them!

A new set of seasonless Jimmy Choo must-haves await!

The designer high heel renaissance is happening and we know exactly what we’re wearing into this next era. 

Jimmy Choo’s new Core collection—a seasonless and permanent line of both new and iconic styles—couldn’t have come at a better time. Our appetite for heels, of all shapes and heights, are bound to be satisfied with the British brand’s assortment of core JC styles. 

Inspired by the heritage and future of Jimmy Choo, the brand presents a timeless edit that captures the creative essence of the brand and the JC woman. The Core collection is made up of three key categories: Pearl, Crystal, and the JC monogram. Designed to be treasured but also worn to suit everyday life, trust that these pieces can bring that extra lift to your work or play outfits. 

By adopting a playful approach to scale, shape, and positioning, the Aura 95 and Aurelie 85 heels along with the Varenne Quad bags get pearlized for an added dose of fantasy. 
Crystals, which have been synonymous with Jimmy Choo since the very beginning, plays out across a broad range of shoes, handbags, and accessories including the soft Madeline crossbody bags and the Hawaii and Osaka calf leather sneakers. 

A definitive emblem for Jimmy Choo, the Core collection also highlights the JC Monogram. This refined symbol is used to introduce the Liya 65 kitten heels, JC Envelope Pouch, and the Nine2Five shoulder bag. 

The pieces from this collection work overtime and are prepared to do a lot of the heavy-lifting where our closets are concerned. They can be paired with a plethora of outfits for an array of occasions! 

Discover more of the Core collection at the new 69-square meter Jimmy Choo boutique in Greenbelt 3, Makati. 

Photo Courtesy of Stores Specialists, Inc.