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How To Dress Up Like A Pro For New York Fashion Week, According to Celebrity Stylist Kat Cruz-Villanueva

Find out how you can stay stylish in The Big Apple's bustling days and nights

Jetting off to New York Fashion Week may seem glamorous and all, but it is indeed no easy feat! We've heard of fashion folk sleeplessly navigating NYFW, changing outfits in between shows, rushing through the city to get to the front row to watch the latest collections as they come down the runway. All this while having to make sure they look good, eat well (we're not saying they aren't getting their fair share of copious amounts of coffee), and dress well! It surely isn't for the faint of heart!

We talked to METRO's very own Executive Editor Kat Cruz-Villanueva, also known for her work as Heart Evangelista's stylist, to help us get familiar about how to navigate the style game at New York Fashion Week like a pro, as she recently just came back from a week in The Big Apple herself! 

She and Heart attended some of the season's hottest shows, like Tory Burch, Michael Kors, and TommyxZendaya, and got inspired for another season of dressing! Here, we break down some of her coolest looks at NYFW, and asked for her top styling tips so you too can dress like a style insider yourself!

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1. Experiment (and have a seamstress on speed dial).

"The floral ensemble was originally a full dress. I wanted to give it new life by wearing pants underneath. But since I’m not tall enough and the proportions didn’t seem right, I decided to cut it open to make it seem like it’s an exaggeratedly long flowy top."

2. Don’t be afraid to repeat clothes.

"They key is learning how to mix and match items, or re-styling key pieces you have to create a new look. Also, take advantage of the colder weather and do layered looks."

3. "Choose statement accessories or articles of clothing that’ll help your outfit standout."

4. "Pack comfortable heels! More often than not you are literally running from one show to the next, so footwear should be given much consideration."