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All Of Kim Da-Mi's Designer Pieces From 'Itaewon Class' And Where To Buy Them!

Get a dose of streetwear and luxury fashion combined from our newest style star.

Netflix and chill just got a new definition with Kim Sung-Yoon’s Itaewon Class. Based on a South Korean webtoon series of the same name, the series tackles diversity, adulting, and the ultimate millennial hustle. Starring heartthrob Park Seo-Joon and budding actress Kim Da Mi, Itaewon Class is definitely one to watch. 

From its narrative and fourth wall impact, the series’ choice of wardrobe is just as striking . It explores the South Korean millennial culture and a taste for designer pieces from all over the world.. The entire cast is clad with the latest on Off-White, Valentino, and Andersson Bell, a Seoul-based fashion label that features pieces that reflect the South Korean street-style. 


Each character exudes a different kind of style and aesthetic, although we ultimately love Park Seo-Joon, we definitely want to put the spotlight on Kim Da-Mi. She’s starring as Jo Yi-Seo, a multi-hyphenate from New York who decides to move back in South Korea. She’s a 2020 dream girl with eclectic talent and an impressive IQ. Apart from her credentials, Yi-Seo has an incredible eye for fashion. She mixes and matches streetwear with luxury designer pieces and makes it look all too well. 

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Apart from her hard-to-miss looks on Itaewon Class, just like you, we’re also part of her huge Instagram following and we must say, Da-mi is as stylish as her character. Flip through our gallery down below to see ALL of the designer pieces she wore on each episode. And since we love you too much, we also included details on where to get each piece. You can thank us later!