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Chic And Lucky: Get Some Chinese New Year Styling Tips From Laureen, Camille, And Tricia

Everything you need to know on what to wear for that extra luck and charm.

The Chinese New Year is the most significant event of the year because it gives everyone the second chance to get things straight for 2020. Whether you’re hoping for love, peace of mind, or simply just positive energy all throughout the year, CNY is your chance to bring it all in. We’re bringing out all our cherry reds and revamping our Qi Paos because we’re more than ready to attract more luck this year. Laureen, Camille, and Tricia spills the tea on dressing up for the 2020 Year of the Rat. The stylish trio reigning three sides of the fashion spectrum is united with only one cause: to start the year right in style.

Laureen Uy

Power dressing all the way! That’s what Laureen is going for this CNY. She shares that it’s always been their family tradition to wear any shade of red for CNY but for Laureen its the brighter the better! Since she prefers pants over skirts and dresses, she will definitely go for a powerful blazer pants set In fiery red. I mean if you’re going red, why not take it all the way am I right?

Camille Co

Camille is a print-on-print type of girl and she’s in no way intimidated or hesitant on wearing polka dots this CNY. She plans to double up the luck with wearing red because she thinks there’s no such thing as too much luck. We couldn’t agree more! Camille adds that for CNY, she’s choosing a more billowy or straight silhouette to make room for the food. In styling 101: you always have to think ahead!

Tricia Gosingtian

The blooming mom-to-be finds it convenient that Christmas, New Year, and the Chinese New Year are just weeks apart because she can try to mix and match clothes from last year’s festivities. There’s nothing more fulfilling than rewearing your clothes as they take part of another great memory! Tricia also thinks that she will be wearing red all the way. Looking for the perfect CNY dress or planning to wear red even after CNY? Head over to Hinhin, Tricia’s well-curated clothes for every quiet girl who just needs the perfect dress to speak her inner universe.