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Here's A Metro Tiktok Video On How To Style And Restyle CLOY Looks At Home

We got creative and restyled all of our favorite looks from Yoon Se Ri of Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You has been the basis of all our Korean-wave fashion the past weeks. It's about time we take these Yoon Se-Ri looks into our hands and Metro-fy them. The Metro team is taking Tiktok videos to the next level with our own stylish twist: Starring Metro Magazine’s Executive Editor, Kat Cruz-Villanueva, we thought of styling and re-styling our favourite looks from Yoon Se-Ri of Crash Landing On You

We picked our top 4 doable looks from the K-drama that we can easily find in our closets. From there, you can mix and match pieces to make them all feel like a brand new look.

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Photo from NOMU fashion


Pam Quinones and Kat Cruz Teach Us Power Dressing And How To Feel Stylishly Good

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In under one minute and from the 4 looks, we managed to recreate 7 more new looks and that’s more than enough to get you through two weeks! Get inspired by wearing our pre-styled looks for your own work-from-home OOTDs. With pieces you can easily find in your closet, stylized turtlenecks, cardigans, mid-length skirts, denim jeans, and power suits a la Yoon Se-Ri with fabulous help from the stylist to the stars herself, Kat Cruz.

Here are more looks you can do from just 4 looks inspired by CLOY!  


Here Are Yoon Se Ri-Approved Work From Home Looks We Can All Pull Off