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4 Closet Staples To Master The Art Of Power Dressing, According To Rissa Mananquil-Trillo

The entrepreneur and beauty expert lists down her fashion essentials.

A woman of power is someone with confidence—through her stance, her walk, and the way she talks. Carrying herself a certain way tells a room that she’s in charge. How does one show who’s boss?

An outfit speaks a lot about anyone. No wonder power dressing is a style trend that will never go out of fashion, no matter the season. Gone are the days when females hide behind long skirts, or expected to dress a certain way. Modern Filipinas have embraced their strong, independent selves, and it's about time to show it through clothes, especially in a working environment.

As Metro’s Woman of Style and Happy Skin co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo describes, it’s not essentially to show who has the power, but more importantly, “to show that you mean business.” Power dressing helps women boost their confidence, so it’s important that we master the secrets to dressing the part on every occasion.

Photo from @rissamananquiltrillo

“The key to confidence is to embrace what you are confident about and finding a way to make it work for you,” she adds. A higher price tag doesn’t equal to a better look—but quality does. That, plus keeping in mind that your clothes should be well-ironed, wrinkle-free, and free of loose threads. This way, you could look like a million bucks.

Photo from @rissamananquiltrillo

The entrepreneur also shares four power dressing staples in her closet. “For me, the staples of a power outfit include a smart blazer, a pair of trousers, a good pair of heels, well-chosen accessories,” Rissa shares.

Watch the video below for more power dressing hacks!