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Clothing Brand Restless Partners With Philippine Red Cross

This up-and-coming brand just released a collection for the benefit of the Philippine Red Cross

New discovery alert: Up-and-coming brand Restless features extremely comfortable clothing, perfect for lounging and staying at home. The brand aims to transform the connotation of its namesake into something positive and productive, especially in these trying times. Having recently released their non-profit collection for the benefit of the Philippine Red Cross, Restless is not only proving to be a brand that is effortlessly stylish, but also one that gives back.

Restless was co-founded by two young entrepreneurs Alex Ynares Villalon and Arianna Borromeo, who are fresh out of high school. The duo was inspired to be productive during the quarantine period, and created their designs in an attempt to fight the feelings of anxiety and boredom brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. “We thought of ways on how to best use our time and talents and make something beneficial for a lot of people,” Alex shares. “But we also wanted it to be fun and incorporate our own interests at the same time, and so Restless came to be.”

Restless Clothing Line in Collaboration With Philippine Red Cross
Restless Clothing Line in collaboration with Philippine Red Cross

Describing their first collection, Arianna remarks that the intention was “to create pieces designed for maximum comfort in our new way of living, while offering a means of expression for individuals feeling restless in their own homes.” Testifying to this, their classic crewnecks are as cozy as they are stylish: Available in staple navy and grey colorways, each is embroidered with its own unique yet elegant design.

More recently, the brand has ventured into social entrepreneurship, launching a three-piece collection whose entire proceeds benefit the Philippine Red Cross.

“Our designs for this non-profit collection were largely inspired by vintage typefaces and the minimalist aesthetic, but adapted to modern silhouettes. In drawing upon the timeless logo and colorways of our beneficiary, the Philippine Red Cross, the intention was to create pieces that are enduring and speak to the demands of a contemporary lifestyle, all the while creating a positive impact on society,” says Arianna.

Philippine Red Cross Collaboration With Restless
Restless clothing line in collaboration with the Philippine Red Cross

“The proceeds from this project will go towards covering the blood processing costs for qualified indigent patients who may not be able to afford but are in dire need of live-saving blood,” states Philippine Red Cross governor Carissa Coscolluela, adding that “projects such as [that of Restless] make a valuable contribution not only to [the Red Cross’] resources, but also towards greater awareness of all our humanitarian initiatives.”

The coordinated effort between the budding brand and humanitarian organization includes modish designs on unisex hoodies, crewnecks, and t-shirts, available in Red Cross red and white hues. The simple prints are subtle means for the buyer to demonstrate their support for the Philippine Red Cross—their T-shirt, for example, fittingly brandishes the phrase “health is the new wealth!”

Arianna adds that they took inspiration from the timeless logo and colorways of their beneficiary, the PRC, to create pieces that are “enduring and speak to the demands of a contemporary lifestyle, all the while creating a positive impact on society.”

Looking forward, the duo wishes to nurture and grow Restless, aspiring to expand its reach and have a greater impact. The young businesswomen tease us with expectations of many new designs and forays into other types of clothing and accessories as they explore new ideas and opportunities. Imparting on their aspirations for the future, Alex adds: “We also hope to keep on learning about running a business as we go—starting early means more opportunities to acquire experience, and we’re excited to face and work through our future challenges.”

The non-profit Red Cross collection is available for purchase until January 29, through a pre-order basis for zero waste production. Visit to support the Philippine Red Cross and shop the collection, which ships worldwide. The brand may also be reached at @restlessmanila on Instagram.

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