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12 New Ways To Wear A Simple Slip Dress Like A True Pro

Here are some new insider tips and tricks

Through the years, the slip dress remains as every fashion girl's prized piece. From Kate Moss' and Naomi Campbell's 1990s straight-out-of-a-boudoir moments, Cher Horowitz's groundbreaking Calvin Klein mini dress, to countless renditions of the slip dress itself, we have seen this quintessential piece relive and outlive trends. If you think you've seen the last of slip dresses, we're here to show you how to re-wear this must-have with 2020 vision on sight.

We dissected and deconstructed the slip dress in the hopes of finding an undiscovered way of styling it. Leaving no stone left unturned, we came up with 12 style tips for the ultimate 2020 guide on slip dresses. Take note or screenshot every bit of this guide and share it to your fellow fashion enthusiasts!

Art by Carla Buyo

The Anatomy Of A Good Slip Dress

1. Find your ideal material and design. From satin, cotton, polyester, or linen to the neckline, length, pattern, and design, always keep in mind of the details!

2. It’s easy to dress up or down a slip dress but in case you need an extra tip, silk slip dresses best fit formalwear, patterned cotton-made ones are for casual wear, while linen types of slip dresses best fit dressy holidays.

3. When it comes to sizing, take note of the construction, and length of the dress. Go a size down when you want a sultrier vibe or size up when you want to layer up.

4. Choose your dress length wisely. From short, mid-length, to ankle-length, choose the right measurement that best fits your aesthetic. 

5. Slip dresses are a closet staple. Make sure that your piece will survive several washes. Quality is always better than quantity. It’s better to have one long lasting piece that might cost you than a number of one-hundred peso-something slip dresses that will only last you months. 

Photo from @hoskelsa

The Backbone Of Slip Dress Styling

6. Wear your slip dress by itself. Remember that slip dresses are so similar with night gowns and for you to not be mistaken as a walking bed-head, appropriate styling is key! Layer up on jewelry, throw on a bandana as a scarf, cinch in the dress with a statement belt, or do everything at the same time if you’re feeling extra.

7. Layer it up with a crew neck T-shirt. Emphasize on the crew-neck t-shirt because there’s no other type of shirt that gives off a put-together vibe. A+ for effort when you choose a graphic tee or a sprightly colored tee under your slip dress.

8. Button-downs are heaven-sent. Make use of this closet essential under or hanged loose over your slip dress (why not!) If you’re feeling experimental, wear your button-down backwards, close the button mid-way and put on your slip dress over your new masterpiece. 

9. Throw on an oversized sweater over your slip dress to instantly re-style your dress into a skirt. For our tropical fashion girls, use this trick with a shirt. Make sure to tie you shirt with a knot to cinch in a little bit of waist.

10. Feeling chilly? Blazers and cardigans are our new best friends. The bigger the better but a staple blazer will do to completely dress you up. Make an effort and keep a cool color contrast. If you’re feeling extra fierce, go monochrome.

Photo from Vogue

The Honorable Wildcards

11. Take advantage of a rainy afternoon and layer up. When we say layer up we meant the more the merrier. Put on a turtleneck under your slip dress, throw a cardigan on top of it, slide into a pair of statement kitten heels, and layer up on necklaces on top of your already occupied neckline. Talk about maximalism at its finest!

12. There's always room for experimental looks under our sleeves. Pair your slip dress with denim jeans as an ultimate test of your natural street style. If you're feeling extra enthusiastic about this style tip, try matching your slip dress with trousers in a similar material to achieve that monochrome type of stealth. 

Photo from The Fashion Spot
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