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These Sportswear Looks Are Taking Over Quarantine

At a time where people post their best workout clothes, could it be that sportswear is indeed the new luxury fashion trend?

While the world outside our doors is working to heal itself amidst a global pandemic, it seems that more and more people have been taking sports fashion and self-care to a whole new level—even more so that it has become the biggest fashion trend right now.


This healthy lifestyle trend has evolved beyond diet and gym culture and has transformed into something so covetable we see the industry booming even during all this COVID chaos. Now, more than ever, people are taking health and fitness into their own hands, and what was once a siloed lifestyle has evolved into a symbol of affluence that spans across different categories—from organic food, gym equipment, and covetable athletic wear.

These Dua Lipa’s ‘Physical’-Inspired Pieces Will Make Your Home Workout Looks Even Cooler


These Dua Lipa’s ‘Physical’-Inspired Pieces Will Make Your Home Workout Looks Even Cooler

The idea behind the luxury of wellness is similar to the concept of purchasing an Hermès Birkin (or whatever bag you’ve been dying to have). Being able to show off that perfectly baked gluten free loaf of bread or that newly put-together home gym is the new way to look and feel like you’ve accomplished something. Plus, it also helps that the gym clothes now are cute enough to be shown off.

If pre-quarantine social posts were all about copping the most covetable accessories for 2020, the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) dictates otherwise. Each day we see more and more individuals showcasing their healthy lifestyles on social media, posting photos of themselves wearing athleisure apparel for all kinds of activities. Forget that new Bottega Veneta Jodie you’ve been eyeing for the summer because if our Instagram feed is any indication, sports or athletic wear is clearly the new status symbol. And let’s face it, how many times this week have you worn sportswear at home—more so, posted them online?

As the line between activewear and daywear blurs, we identify 5 key activewear trends for summer (or at least until the ECQ is lifted):

Cropped Tees a la Lovi Poe

Count on Lovi Poe to make a cropped top look super chic while working out

Why this works: Cropped tops are great way to track progress and to check on your form especially during ab day.

Suggested workout: Clinging close to the body, this workout is great for cardio workouts.

Monochrome Coordinates a la Aliza Apostol-Goco

Mom and fitspiration Aliza Goco keeps things chic and fuss-free with a monochromatic pairing

Why this works: Monochrome pairings don’t always have to be dull and boring especially with a myriad of options out there. Plus, the single color palette makes you look put together even after an intense sweat sesh.

Suggested workout: Comfortable and easy to move in, wear your coordinates during an online yoga or pilates workout.

Prints a la Aubrey Miles

Aubrey Miles always knows how to make workout clothing much more fun because lockdown or not, prints (on prints) are here to stay

Why this works: Prints are a great way to show off your personality even when you find yourself working out at home.

Suggested workout: Bright colors and prints will surely help motivate you to get through your high intensity (HIIT) workouts

Logo Mania a la Bea Fabregas

While Bea Fabregas’ outfit may scream swoosh, toning down the look in an all black palette gets our approval.

Why this works: Logos aren’t just brand signifiers, they’re graphic designs too! If you can’t get around to mixing prints, then this trend could work wonders for you.

Suggested workout: Bodyweight exercises that require little to no equipment.

Bike Shorts a la Bubbles Paraiso

Triathlete Bubbles Paraiso knows how to make the most of her bike shorts even during lockdown.

Why this works: Like leggings, bike shorts are tight and made from compression fabric that's comfortable and moves with you. They’re especially great to work out in during the summer.

Suggested workout: No cycling classes, no problem—these bike shorts allow you to be move freely and offer great coverage for your yoga routines.

Art by Raff Colmenar