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[WATCH] Meet Mikka Padua, The Most Stylish Woman Of The Year

Topping this year’s Metro Most Stylish is fashion entrepreneur Mikka Padua. Get know her two requirements to looking your absolute best!

The past two years, the now-esteemed #MetroMostStylish list has always been headed by big-shot celebs. It was A-list actresses Lovi Poe and Anne Curtis in the list’s debut in 2018, quickly followed by another tie with now-fashion icons Kim Jones and Heart Evangelista. So it is not just another list this year as Mikka Padua becomes the first to take the sole spot of being Most Stylish—no celebrity background nor millions of following, just all style.

The fashion entrepreneur has been in the industry for some time but her innate style is basically from her whole childhood. “There are no off days. I hone it. I practice it everyday,” says Mikka while also claiming that her love for fashion started since she was a little girl. And though her style is constantly evolving, she’s perfected a look that us girls only dream of being able to pull off: polished, modern-day boho. It’s the type where a city girl meets an escapist, in the summer, in the wild—a look that only Mikka does so perfectly that it looks she doesn’t even try anymore.

It may be in her best kept secret that she styles herself so well: “Pick a statement piece and build an outfit from there.” Take, say, a hat, or a pair of shoes, or even statement earrings. Make that the focal point of your look—do you wanna make it minimal? Take it to bohemian accessories? It gets easier to have starting point.


#MetroMostStylish2020: Mikka Padua

That’s just the start to a great style. The Seek the Unique owner’s top tip is to first know yourself. From that jumping point she shares two added nuggets of wisdom: “Style is two things: authenticity and confidence.” “With those in mind, you can wear anything you want,” she ends. And that is the long and short of it on how to become the most stylish person of the year.

Watch more of Mikka Padua’s top style tips and the secret of being most stylish in the video below and on Metro.Style’s YouTube page!

Photos by Seven Barretto

Video by Spotlight Creatives


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