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[WATCH] #MetroMostStylish2020: Charmaine Lagman Talks About Style Based On Your Work And Life

Coming from a hectic job and going home into a busy home, Charmaine lets us in on tricks on how to look great 24/7

It is not easy being a construction entrepreneur like Charmaine Lagman. In a rigid industry where you are down and dirty while also on top of a big company, how then do you dress sharply all day long? “I believe in power dressing,” the newly minted Metro Most Stylish 2020 says. “I represent my company at all times.” It is in investing in strong looks—some may even be simple, others outlandish—that can let the clothes do the heavy lifting for you. This is how she does it: Put it on, do your job. 


For a working mother like Charmaine, too, the labor doesn’t stop at the workplace. As soon as she goes home she steps into yet another role, a mom. “I represent my family, my children,” she continues. Overall she is not just working 24/7. As an innately stylish woman that she is, she is dressing up for it, too, any time of day. For this kind of societal and sartorial responsibility, what lifts her is fashion. She is “classic with a splash of fun.” Classic being timeless pieces (no-brainer, they would look good always), but the is where she gets to be her—no roles to play, just Charmaine.

Meet The Best Dressed Women Of The Year In Metro Most Stylish 2020


Meet The Best Dressed Women Of The Year In Metro Most Stylish 2020

Watch more of Charmaine Lagman’s 24/7 chic life by clicking the video below and on Metro.Style’s YouTube page.

Photos by Seven Barretto

Video by Spotlight Creatives