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[WATCH] #MetroMostStylish2020 Marie Lozano On What Keeps Her Stylish At 41

The lifestyle host dishes out on her top style tip on looking forever fashionable

They say years bring you wisdom, but for Marie Lozano, it also gave her a killer sense of style. “I went through the different phases, trends, and style,” the lifestyle journalist and host opens up to Metro.Style when asked on how she’s able to really hone her fashion to the way that it is today. It was through making sartorial mistakes she continues, finding out “what works and what doesn’t work” for her. 


And how you does one just know these? Simple: “Depending on (your) body type and personality,” she says. “It’s always about the fit and the fabric.”

#MetroMostStylish2020: Marie Lozano


#MetroMostStylish2020: Marie Lozano

Opening the Top 10 of this year’s Metro Most Stylish list, Marie is one to listen to for advice. For her, fashion is the little push we need in our day. It is way to get herself out of bed and, of course, get her through the rest of it. “When we’re feeling down and we like our shoes, it’s a boost for the day,” she quips. It sounds so simple but this little fashion nugget can lift anyone! 


What has worked for her, though, may not be the same for everyone. “Experiment—find your style,” she urges when asked on her sage fashion advice. “It’s about putting your sense of identity out there.” And guess what? This is simply in great fitting clothes that you feel good in, anyway.

Watch the rest of Marie Lozano’s style journey and tips on the Metro.Style YouTube clip below!

Photo by Seven Barretto