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[WATCH] #MetroMostStylish2020: Rosanna Ocampo’s No-Limit Dressing Is Real Goals

The fashion designer teaches us that the one rule in style is that there are no rules

“There are no limits, no rules,” Metro Most Stylish 2020 Rosanna Ocampo puts it simply but with so much gravitas. “Anything goes.” This is her very hallmark when dressing up for herself. And it makes sense seeing her mash a lot of color, put together texture in her looks ever so seamlessly as if honed from such an expert eye. Can we put it on her experience as a fashion designer? Seems like so!

“I only design clothes I would actually wear,” says Rosanna. And as now someone to look up to when it comes to style, wouldn’t we all want a slice of that kind of fun in our clothing? She is feminine but on the flirty side—mixing in pastels with a little bit of risqué, saccharine but frisky. 

When it comes to getting things for your closet, Rosanna isn’t also one for setting limits. “I don’t really mind spending sometimes for the classics and the legends,” she mentions making sure these are pieces she can pass down later on. And even in terms of her designs, her purchases, or her personal style, one thing she can impart is to sure of yourself. When you’re confident in your own skin and not comparing yourself to other, for Rosanna, style will really “just come naturally.”

Watch more of Rosanna Ocampo’s top fashion tips by clicking the video below and on Metro.Style’s YouTube page.

Photos by Seven Barretto

Video by Spotlight Creatives


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