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[WATCH] #MetroMostStylish2020 Sarah Lahbati Asks Herself This Question Before Dressing Up

We now know the trick on how to look like Sarah!

Sarah Lahbati is no stranger to looking great. But how does she does it ever so effortlessly? After a lot trial-and-error in honing her personal style, she’s come up with one simple trick to looking great: Ask yourself, “Do you feel good when you wear this?” This very sage question is the young actress and personality’s guiding light in creating a great look that works for her every single day. Now, why didn’t we know this sooner?


“Fail, and then succeed,” Sarah says on knowing what can work best for you. It didn’t happen overnight to the Metro favorite cover girl and now part of this year’s Metro Most Stylish 2020. Just like the rest of us, she likes the simple things in a look: fun, comfortable, and chic. While they may sound as overused watchwords, they work! And these three fully embody the easy that we see when Sarah dresses up.

Taking cue from the French girls, this effortless putting together of pieces is a main source of inspo for her. They never try too hard, and so does she! 

Watch Sarah Lahbati do a tell-all on looking as stylish as her in the video below. Trust us, you’ll be a natural in an instant!

Photos by Charisma Lico

Video by Spotlight Creatives