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2018 Fashion Resolutions To Keep

You may be thinking—fashion resolutions? As shallow as it may seem, one has to have resolutions in connection with the clothes she wears. Our clothes are a big part of who we are, and apart from being able to express our personalities with the clothes and accessories we wear, the choices we make when it comes to our closets also has a lot of impact on the world we live in. 

This year, let's aim to purchase with purpose, invest in what we truly love, and keep in mind that every decision we make has an impact. Here, we share with you three of our fashionable goals that go beyond the surface, and hope we can inspire you to keep them for yourselves as well! 

1. Go back to investing in classics.

Coming from a year of excessive trends, it's good to go back to basics and start investing in classic pieces that last for more than just a season or two. 


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Opt for a well-fitted blazer in houndstooth, a flattering pair of denim jeans, as well as a pair of chunky black sunglasses you can literally take with you for years to come.

A suit in a neutral shade is a great investment for business-related events, or formal events where you don't want to be bothered with a flirty dress. You can either dress this up or down with the right accessories.


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This is the year to invest in a sturdy leather handbag that can withstand daily wear and tear. Choose one in a current design to strike a balance between trendy and classic.

2. Aim to maximize your clothes to the fullest.

It's so easy for us to go out and buy the next best trendy thing, what with brand new drops each time we visit the malls, but do we ever stop and think about how many times we've used each item we buy? You'll be surprised to find out that the cute dress you bought at the sale last week is still sitting in the closet. The next time you head out to buy something, stop and think twice or thrice before proceeding with the purchase.

Think about all the ways you can wear each piece to maximize it and keep reinvting how it looks. We recommend watching the fashion documentary "The True Cost" — it tackles how clothes impact our environment and how we should be more conscious about our shopping decisions. It's always good to be armed with knowledge to make better decisions in the future!

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3. Try going out of the box.

Contrary to the two previous resolutions we propose, we also encourage going out of the box in terms of your fashion choices for the new year. If you are afraid of color, try to embrace it this year. If you have always wanted to try a certain cut, go for it. The real point is to go for what your gut is telling you in terms of fashionable risks. 


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