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10 Morena Fashion Girls To Follow On Instagram

These Filipinas proudly banner morena skin and so should you!

There’s no reason to hide and conceal our morena skin when it is in fact beautiful. These Filipina fashion girls thrive in their respective fields and have amazingly banner the skin they're in while they're at it. These are women with at the helm of brands, are fashion icons, and women conquering executive roles. These 10 brown-skinned fashion girls are definitely ones to follow to make us feel good about our natural skin color, 'cause they're owning it!. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to get a daily dose of Filipina representation at its finest.

Stylist and tastemaker Pam Quinones is the fashion icon to follow. Pam is known for her dynamic sense of style and her clients can fully attest to that! If we could step into her shoes for a day, we’d be living the best well-styled life ever. 

As an actress, Iza Calzado makes mindful use of her platform to spread genuine self-love and overflowing body positivity. Her personal style radiates in every outfit she wears that are of course very skin tone-appropriate. Most of all, we admire how much Iza knows her body and what she's comfortable in!

Isabelle Daza stands out with her beaming personality and wit. As a mom and entrepreneur, she makes sure that her flair and uniqueness radiates in every thing she does. We can definitely pick up tips here and there on what colors would go best with our skin.


Rachel Peters is fearless. The Metro Channel host of Beached and beauty queen knows how to make the most out of everything whether it’s conquering new heights to completely living stress-free. You wouldn't want to miss out on her adventures! Her forever tan is envy-inducing!

Nadine Lustre is a poster girl of self-love. She has fully established her sense of style and she saves no room for self-doubt. In a vixen look or in a swimsuit, she definitely know show to make her skin shine.

We're more than proud of R&B singer and songwriter Kiana Valenciano as she represents Filipina pride at its finest. Stay tuned for more of her and her killer street style on her Instagram.

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Angela Martinez is the face that you don't want to miss. As one of the muses of Boom Sason, let Angela school you on how to love your skin and body at the same time!

Hairstylist to the stars Suyen Salazar knows no downtime when it comes to creativity. Her laid-back style and talent for creating the most glorifying hairstyles is enough reason for us to get hooked into her feed. We just love how comfortable she looks in every outfit and post.

Paulina Ortega wears many hats as the creative director of Recess, a safe space for creatives and the newest co-creative director of Sunnies Studios. Make sure to check out her style and her recent collaboration with Araw the Line too!

Author of Lust For Los Angeles and creative director of Bon Weekender, Olivia Lopez leads a truly artistic life. As a Filipina creative who constantly lives and travels in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris for a living, Olivia is a true life and style inspo!

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