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5 Key Travel Essentials To Keep Yourself Safe On Your Next Trip

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves,” said Pico Iyer in his 2000 Salon article “Why We Travel.” 

Yet if we’re not careful, we may doing less of the figurative “losing ourselves” and more of the literal  “losing our possession.” And if there’s one thing to learn about travel is that through the ages, travel is always fraught with some kind of risk, be it freezing to death during winter in the medieval times, or losing your passport via the nimble hands of your train pickpocket, or worse, finding yourself stuck outside your AirBnB without juice in your mobile phone and without the keycard nor the security code to open the main door.



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The key to effective risk mitigation, is actually preparation and prevention, and while we cannot control the environment we’re in when we’re on the road (which is exactly why traveling is so fascinating!), we can at least have the right tools with us to keep us sane when we’re on the road. Here are some of my finds from some of my travels:


For Calling Attention To Yourself In Dire Situations

One of the things I always try to incorporate in my wardrobe is a whistle—at first glance it might appear like a fashion accessory, but it’s actually a way to protect myself in case there are situations where I need to call immediate attention to myself, scaring off undesirable parties and averting possible danger. Tori Burch Horse Whistle Pendant Necklace


For Stashing Your Bag and Bringing It Anywhere

Your designer backpack probably doesn’t have enough protection to your keep hands off things when you’re not looking, so for these situations, I depend on Pacsafe for keeping my valuables safe through its features—from slash-proof fabric, to zipper pulls with locks and hooks, and even straps that can hook onto tables, chairs, and even metro rails. Remember those CCTV videos of bags being stolen from under the table? Those thieves have nothing on PacSafe! Here are my favorite styles:


In my recent Europe trip, I even took my 5-year-old 25L Metrosafe to use as a diaper bag and laptop bag.


Citysafe CX Backpack—Ultra-chic and practical, I love how this blush tan version looks stylish yet still has enough space for a 13” laptop

Citysafe CX Square Crossbody Dahlia - This crossbody bag is compact yet still big enough for your essentials, plus all the anti-theft technology features we all love from Pacsafe


Pacsafe Dry 36L Beach Bag - A spectacular find from last summer, this bag can carry everything—evenb having dividers for your wet and dry items! Worry not about having it on sand or near water as it keeps the splashes out safely. Pacsafe is available at Urbanize branches Gateway, Shangri-La, UP Town Center, Glorietta 3, Uptown BGC, Megamall, Ayala Mall at the 30th, The Block, and Ermita or at


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For When You Get Lost And Need To Be Located

Lost at sea, or up in the mountains, sometimes your only hope for survival is sending out a signal. Breitling Emergency, the world’s first wristwatch with a dual frequency distress beacon (PLB), and rescuers can hone in one your location. At Lucerne Greenbelt 


For When The Lightest Power Source

Keep your powerbank with you always with the Rock Space P66 Powerbank. At a size smaller than your palm, and weighing 182 grams, it has the capacity of 10,000 mAh—just the right amount for daily use. Available at Rock Space

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