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5 On-Trend Ways To Wear The Chick Flick Look Of The 2000s

From Harry Potter all the way to Britney Spears’ meltdown, the early 2000s brought us some of the most defining pop culture moments that still have their impact felt up until today. And despite all the questionable fashion choices we made during that era, we can’t deny that the new millennium also gave us classic looks that will always be fun to look back to regardless of all the cringing (or nostalgia) that may ensue.

Thanks to the wave of unforgettable chick flicks during those years, some trends from the 2000s may never leave us at all. Just recently, we found ourselves reminiscing over Ariana Grande’s highly buzzed-about music video for her single “thank u, next.” The pop star recreated iconic scenes from movies such as Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Bring It On, and 13 Going On 30 which brought back major fashion memories from this bygone era.

If you’re suddenly missing your chick flick-inspired wardrobe from the 2000s, don’t brush this feeling off because we’ve got ways to make those seemingly dated trends look au courant again. See how you can refresh the chick flick look based on this season’s best street style and runway trends below:


1. Power Dressing with Sass

Photo from MGM

Legally Blonde may be 17 years old now, but Elle Woods and her sass-filled wardrobe are timeless. Who can forget this leather ensemble from our favorite aspiring girl boss? She sure knows how to dress for her dream job while painting the town pink.


The 2018 way:

Street style from London Fashion Week S/S ‘19

Elle never saw a pink item she didn’t love, so put the Woods spirit back into your look by creating an outfit in her favorite hue. A tailored jacket will do the statement-making trick.


2. The Floral Sundress

Photo from Columbia Pictures

Dainty dressing was also popular in the 2000s, and 13 Going On 30’s Jenna Rink did a fine job on this trend. As an editor of Poise magazine, we’re not surprised that she was ahead of the street style game wearing this printed sundress with color-coordinating accessories.


The 2018 way:

Altuzarra S/S ‘19

Florals may not be that groundbreaking for spring, but this classic print isn’t going anywhere for the upcoming season. Wear it in soft fabrics and style your outfit with pointed pumps to steal the look of our 2004 heroine.


3. Biker Shorts

Photo from Universal Pictures

No cheerleader movie did it better than Bring It On. When she’s not in uniform, captain of the Toros Torrance Shipman doesn’t lose her affinity for athletic pieces just like this pair of biker shorts.


The 2018 way:

Cortazar S/S ‘19


Street style from New York Fashion Week S/S ‘19

One of the must-have items that every fashion influencer is obsessing with these days is the biker shorts. And it seems that this athleisure piece will be taking over next season as it is the breakout trend in the Spring/Summer 2019 shows. While Bring It On’s Torrance went for a pastel look, the updated version is popularly styled with an oversized blazer for a chic, juxtaposed touch.


4. The Wednesday Squad Uniform

Photo from Paramount Pictures

If you’re not wearing pink on a Wednesday, then you surely can’t sit with the Mean Girls clique. Regina, Gretchen, and Karen are all about mini skirts and cute knit tops. New recruit Cady Heron adapted this style soon enough and became a true blue Plastic.


The 2018 way:

Street style from New York Fashion Week S/S ‘19


Street style from Milan Fashion Week S/S ‘19

For a fashion-forward look, the streets of Fashion Week were crawling with major inspo. The key to the perfect squad uniform includes color-coordinating in pink, adding preppy prints, and splashing a pop of red.


5. The Cool Mom Tracksuit

Photo from Paramount Pictures


Photo from Ariana Grande, YouTube video

Speaking of Mean Girls, who can forget Mrs. George A.K.A. the epitome of a non-regular mom? In Ariana’s “thank u, next,” Kris Jenner took on Amy Poehler’s young-at-heart character wearing a pink tracksuit inspired by the original movie. Now, who misses Juicy Couture?


THe 2018 way:

Zimmermann S/S ‘19

For Spring/Summer 2019, the athleisure trend is strengthened by striped track pieces in softer hues. Channel your inner cool mom by sporting these hip coords while ditching sneakers and opting for a chic pair of pumps.


Lead photos from MGM, Columbia Pictures and Paramount Pictures