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7 Discreet Designer Logo Belts To Dress Up Your Look

Logos and monograms have had a yo-yo popularity over the years. In the early 2000’s, logo mania was all the rage, as fashion mavens bedecked themselves with branded insignias; it was practically logo upon logo, from head to toe—as was believed to be high-fashion then. Then in just a few years, the logo craze flipped its head as buyers opt for more label-less apparel, going for a more minimal chic. And now, again, we see the resurging popularity of logo embellished fashion—sort of.



Here’s where it gets complicated: These days, the fashionable set do want a highly-recognizable brand label, but also not too blatant. We want luxury, but also subtlety. We want our dress to be street-casual and chic, but also Instagram worthy. To cut the chase short, the easiest way to achieve this logo non-logo chic is to keep your brand flaunting to your accessories. While you can certainly achieve this with your cult worthy handbag, why not switch up a bit with some belt action?

Yes, logo belts are a huge craze in womenswear now, with buckles as large and adorned as those of menswear. Best of all, these logos have been upgraded to give a more subtle, yet more intricate look; most of the time, it just looks like you’re wearing an ornate belt. But for the few fashion aficionados who spot your buckle, they’ll know that you’re in on the subtle-branding game:

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Photo from Chanel

Arguably the purveyor of subtle logos, the Chanel double ‘C’ logo is a highly-recognizable symbol of fashion. It’s like a badge of honor for any woman!



Photo from Gucci

There’s no denying how Gucci is one of the hottest labels right now, and it’s Double ‘G’ buckle belt is seen all over fashion week street-styles. Gucci has also added a spectrum of design options for this logo belt, so you can go as simple, or as outlandish as you want.


Tory Burch

Photo from Tory Burch 

Remember how the Tory Burch flats became iconic with their reversible ‘T’ logo? Well, now you can have that reversible insignia as a belt. And, like the popular flats, they come in array of colors from neutrals to seasonal palettes.


Photo from Hermès

The Hermès ‘H’ belt buckle and leather strap is so subtle, people would more likely notice the exotic skin strap you’ve fastened on!


Salvatore Ferragamo

Photo from Salvatore Ferragamo 

The Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini belt gives a balanced statement buckle that’s easy to style with. The only flaunting it does for its brand name is the miniscule Ferragamo signature in the center.


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Photo from Fendi 

The Fendi Baguette belt features a double ‘F’ symbol in a sort-of yin-and-yang position, forming what appears to be a classic buckle. A clever yet simple logo design!


Emilio Pucci

Photo from Emilio Pucci 

You’ll have to look really closely for this one. What appears to be an intricate fleur de lis buckle, is actually the Emilio Pucci logo. Highly intricate and dressy, with some quirky strap options, this logo plaque is sure to add a feminine touch to your look.


Lead photo from @ferragamo