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7 Party Bags We Love Right Now

You’d think that since the 25th is over, the merry-making celebrations are done, right? Not so fast! The days leading up to New Year’s Day could still be jam packed with socials, parties and fun; sometimes at just a moment’s notice, too. Not that we’re complaining; to be quite honest, we’re even looking forward to it. So, we want to make sure we’ve got our party bags ready, equipped with essentials a lady needs to make a dash for the festivities.

Light, easy to carry, and totally fun, our party bags of choice below is sure to keep the holiday spirit at momentum:


Chanel Quilted Bag


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With its shiny, red finish, this little bag is guaranteed to dress up any outfit! No more fuss with the clothes, just bring this flashy piece!


Hermes Kelly


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--with colored handles now! If going classic, with a little pop is more your thing, nothing stops a room, like walking in with a Hermes Kelly. Plus, they’re roomy enough to carry more items for a long night.


Aranaz Caba Bucket Bag


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The bucket bag is totally the in-thing now! Get that tropical charm that’s perfect for pool parties and outdoor extravaganzas.


Coach Metallic Crossbody Bags


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These bags will run the disco for you. This seasonal finish screams holiday party all the way, although we’re predicting metallics will still be big in time for spring and summer, so think of it as an advanced purchase.


Balmain Coin Embellished Leather Bag


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Although these come in standard, plain leather, or seasonal prints, we’re all about sporting the loud ones this season!


Joanique Dahlia Clutch


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Circle bags have risen in popularity this year, and we’re always on the lookout for the trendiest brands. With a selecting of colors, and quirky kiss embellishment, this clutch will definitely break some ice for you.


Gucci Sylvie Mini Bags


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For the girl who always wants to go the extra, this multi-studded, embellished is a party on its own!



Lead photo by @gucci