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7 Style Tips To Steal From The Chic French Woman

If there's one thing to envy (though we know envy is not a good thing), it's French women and their effortless take on style and beauty. It seems like we are yet to meet a French woman that remotely looks bad, or doesn't have an innate sense of style. To say that you are effortless in your style choices, is of course, the ultimate compliment one can get. It's one thing to have all the latest goods from luxury brands, but it's also a much harder thing to manage to look amazing minus trendy, off-the-runway looks. 

We studied some of the chicest French women we love, and have gathered some of their most evident style tips we can surely call our own. With a few tweaks to our existing wardrobe, we'll be well on our way to looking like the quintessential Parisienne! Unfortunately, a covetable French accent is not included! (You can take lessons for that!)

1. Carla Bruni - Have a signature look.

Singer Carla Bruni opts for a statement blazer or jacket over an easy shirt and trousers, and no matter how often she repeats this formula, it never bores us. The key is to find different cuts, textures, and fabrics for the pieces that comprise your signature look.


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2. Jeanne Damas - Never underestimate the power of a red lip and tousled hair.

Though admittedly not that easy to do, a red lip does one good. French women do it with little to no effort at all, minus the layers of foundation, eye shadow, and as hard as this may seem for the rest of us mere mortals, it sure is worth a try! Tousled hair may not be your thing, so trying soft waves instead is the way to go!


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3. Ines de la Fressange - Know what flatters you.

If casualwear is your strength, then by all means rock it as much as you can! Do as Ines does in pieces that may look pretty normal, but can be elevated with a few key elements such as a striking handbag. Just because everyone else is wearing it does not mean you also have to. Stick to what you know suits you.


4. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Classics are classy.

By now, you should already have a denim jacket, a crisp white tee, and a black biker jacket in your closet, as these pieces have longevity despite being pricey at times. They instantly add an edge to a drab outfit, and can be styled a gazillion ways!


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5. Lou Doillon - Know how to rock menswear.

Borrowing your man's clothes does not necessarily mean you have to look frumpy. Own a menswear look by injecting a feminine detail such as a bow, or heels, to cap off the look. 


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6. Cindy Bruna - Know the difference between impulse buying and investing.

It's one thing to be a trendy shopper, being in the mall every week, looking for the latest "find". But it is a much better thing to be an investor in quality, classic pieces that will last a lifetime. Gone are the days of riding the trend bandwagon just for the sake of looking like you've got the latest. It's much more chic to be a wise shopper nowadays!


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7. Carine Roitfeld - When in doubt, wear all black.

You've heard it before, and we'll say it again. Black is your best bet for days when you think you've got nothing in your closet, despite a rack full of clothes. Black is chic, timeless, and is always flattering, no matter what. Do as style icon Carine Roitfeld does in a chic black getup of basics that is not boring at the least bit.


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Lead photo via Jeanne Damas