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8 Recent Filipino Fashion Films That You Can Stream Right Now, Free!

A film with good acting is one thing but having an iconic wardrobe is another, here's why we LOVE these Filipino films.

Filipinos are film buffs, they just don’t realize it yet. Scroll through your social media accounts and you can easily see a meme or a hugot taken straight from a film you either absolutely love or hate. Filipino films continuously shape our gaze towards life, it can either introduce ideals like love stories and fantasies or it can simply remind us of our heartbreaks, becomings, and beyond.

The power rests on the screen, how you absorb or neglect the story solely depends on you. Although you must understand that creating a film is far more complex than casting a starry set of actors or filming in picturesque locations, there's so much more to look into like the narrative, script, and post-production. Believe it or not, the character’s wardrobe can also play a huge part on the entire treatment of the film. It can represent growth and transformation or the contrary, in some cases it evokes power play, and mind sets. Style is given but in order to create an iconic character, one must delve into the characters beliefs, personality, and identity. 

Before it gets too technical, we give you the films that tick our fashion film criteria. Do take note that these films are not necessarily about fashion but are in all ways influential in the wardrobe department. The films listed below have the most iconic looks in the recent history of cinema. We give you characters with stylish ensembles, striking fashion choices, and even the contrary!

A Very Special Love (2008);

You Changed My Life (2009); 

It Takes A Man And A Woman (2013)

Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz’s A Very Special Love trilogy remains a classic. A lovestruck editorial assistant (Laida Magtalas) lands a job under (Miggy Montenegro) the editor-in-chief of a newly launched men’s magazine a.k.a the man of her dreams. Laida banners the ultimate 2000s wardrobe with her boleros, fabric brooches, bangles on bangles, and hoop earrings. What we love about this film is that the entire narrative takes us back to the late 2000s where women have gone completely into maximalism. You Changed My Life starred a laid-back Laida as she loses all her extra glamour. Madly in love, Laida keeps her charm with her statement bracelets and the late 2000s shoe: wedge heels. In It Takes A Man And A Woman, we see the Laida Magtala's version 2.0. Back from New York, she gains an eye for bold blazers and sophisticated color-blocking. A transformation worth re-watching! 

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Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme (2009); 

Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme (2012)

Kimmy Dora and it’s prequel tells a story about two twin sisters that are always at odds. Starring Eugene Domingo, both films emphasize the distinct personalities of the twins. Kimmy is the high-handed twin while Dora is the hazy and overly optimistic twin. A feel good comedy, Kimmy Dora stars a comic narrative and a great distinction of characters. From Kimmy’s structured dresses and fierce animal prints to Dora’s vibrant spectrum of clothes and hair pieces, this film made use of the wardrobe as its core storyteller. 

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Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016)

Barcelona: A Love Untold features Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla as star-crossed lovers. Kathryn gets a total revamp as Mia, a curly haired girl wonder. Mia’s sense of style bridges tropical dressing with a Hispanic feel. She is often seen on elevated casuals and day dresses. Her all-white ensemble on her first encounter with Daniel as Ely and the graphic red floral dress she wore on the film are truly wardrobe standouts. Apart for the Kathniel romance, we’re definitely here for the film’s perspective on living in Spain.

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Baka Bukas (2016)

Philippine cinema was surprised by this coming-of-age LGBTQ+IA independent film: Samantha Lee’s Baka Bukas released in 2016. It was a bold move for a film to touch the unspoken sector of our community in a conservative Filipino setting but 2016 was definitely the time for its debut. It features Jasmine Curtis-Smith as a lesbian multi-hyphenate named Alex who juggled multiple jobs and unuttered feelings for her best friend. The film introduced the creative millennial in action as they took charge in being seen and heard. It was a celebration of identity and feelings combined. Normcore dressing starred in the film as Alex and her fellow creatives banner the foolproof t-shirt and jeans combo. As seen on the movie poster, Alex’s statement jacket shone in the character’s spotlight as well. The jacket spoke across the entirety of the film with the words “Fighters by Day, Lovers by Night, Drunkard by Choice.” With starry cameos from photographer BJ Pascual and the director of the film herself, Samantha Lee, this film is a must-watch and that is just a no-brainer!

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Miss Granny (2018)

If Baka Bukas was a coming-of-age film, Miss Granny is the quirky opposite. Sarah Geronimo stars as a young Nanay Fely who is given a second chance at youth. Apart from its nostalgic film score, Fely sets the mood in her melodic classics and late 60s attire. The film perfectly captures the 60s aesthetic as it throws us back on an era filled with A-line dresses, Oxford heels, brooches, and ribboned teased hair. Scenes did not fell short on showing the great time gap through Fely’s wardrobe and music taste. Co-starring James Reid and Xian Lim, let this film take you back with every bit of romance and self-discovery.

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The Day After Valentine's (2018)

The Day After Valentine’s can take us to a rollercoaster of love, heartbreaks, and everything in between in a span of two hours. The film tells a story of Bela Padilla as Lani who is seemingly destined to repair Kai which is played by JC Santos. Although the film tells a twisted manic pixie dream girl story, we are definitely here for Lani’s consistent character individuality and how it breaks as she chooses to change with Kai. All throughout the first part of the film she is seen in her statement tee, skirt, and Converse combo which eventually breaks loose as she moves in Hawaii with Kai. If you care to look closely in this transformation, Lani's change of heart caused her to lose herself and Kai in the process. Far from your usual romance, Day After Valentine’s is an untold story of a lightning caught inside a bottle.

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While we're at it, here are teleseryes that feature notable looks that took over our social media. With its relatable dialogues and powerful outfit choices, let these series take you to a whirlwind of drama galore!

Wildflower (2017)


With over 257 episodes, get your daily dose of comebacks, revenge, and total power play. Maja Salvador as Lily Cruz/Ivy Aguas in Wildflower has set foot in history as one of the most iconic character to ever play in a primetime teleserye. Never forget the iconic red ensembles she is always in and her striking black wedding dress. If you’re trying to get through the enhanced community quarantine, binge-watching Wildflower is the way to go! See how Ivy Aguas unfold and get her revenge in style.

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Kadenang Ginto (2018)


If you haven’t seen memes of Daniela’s viral red dress as she pulls her own luggage in the street then you may have been living in a cave for too long! Even if you haven’t watched Kadenang Ginto, it’s impossible to miss the viral dialogues and wardrobes taken from the series to break the internet. Starring Beauty Gonzales as Romina, Dimples Romana as Daniela, Francine Diaz as Cassandra, and Andre Brilliantes as Margaret, hop into binge-watching Kadenang Ginto to get the latest and juicest of teleserye family feuds. Keep a close watch on the character's wardrobe and you might just have an array of OOTD ideas to boss up with.

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