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8 Travel Fashion Lessons We Learned From Lovi Poe's Vacation OOTDs

Travel has changed so much in the last decade—more and more people are able to fly with affordable flights available at any given day, uncharted destinations are discovered everyday, bookings are done at the click of a finger, and yes, vacations are documented with professional photographers in tow.

And with these professional photos come the next demand—professionally styled vacation outfits! Celebrities have started hiring professional stylists to plan out their outfits for each day they'll be away (this sometimes even includes their flight outfits!) We know though, that not all of us have access to stylists, so we have to make do with our own skills in planning outfits (Google and Excel Sheets included!)


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We're here to provide a bit of inspiration and some styling lessons when it comes to planning travel #OOTDs, from none other than actress and #MetroMostStylish woman 2018 Lovi Poe. A seasoned traveler and obviously not one to sacrifice style while on vacay, we examined some of our favorite travel style posts on her Instagram, to find out what the fashionista loves to wear—so you too can get your fair share of beautiful travel outfit photos! After all, looking like a typical tourist when you travel is a definite no for us. Read on, get inspired, and bon voyage! 


1. Experiment with monochromatic outfits.

We often normally gravitate towards contrasting colors for our outfits, but Lovi begs to differ. If you think about it, matching pieces in a similar color palette actually makes thing easier for you when you pack. Group your clothes into colors and pick out pieces that go together to form a cohesive look!


2. Bring at least one statement bag.

Yes, we love our travel satchels and bulky backpacks—they simply do the job! But while you're out on the town in a new city, why not add style points to your outfit with a chic bag? Leave the huge duffels at the hotel, no one needs that much stuff anyway (unless you're a new parent and need to carry a diaper bag, in which there are a lot of pretty options out in the market already). 


3. Shake things up with unexpected outerwear.

We love our denim jackets, our khaki coats, and our basic black coverups, but sometimes, it pays to inject an eye-popping piece of outerwear to define an outfit. Take for example Lovi's denim jacket with knit detail, a faux animal print coat, and a bold poncho! Definitely not normal, but perfectly pretty as the piece needed to elevate any basic outfit.


4. Upgrade your look with headgear.

We're not talking baseball caps from random sports clubs here—we're talking fascinators (if the occasion calls for it), a beret, or a chic straw hat to help add oomph to an already pretty ensemble. Not the risky type? Start simple by donning one at the beach—you need to protect your skin from harmful UV rays anyway, right?


5. Coats are still a no-fail for chilly weather.

Resist the urge to wear a lumpy cardigan or a beat up pullover for cold weather. While puffer jackets can be styled to look cool, if you want to look sleek and chic, a tailored coat usually does the trick. There are a ton out in the market, and a tip for shopping these is after holiday season, where almost all fall/winter collections go on sale!


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6. Don't stress over the dress.

They say bringing a reliable LBD is the way to go for travel. While we defintely agree with this age-old style tip, you can still inject some excitement to your travel wardrobe by A) transforming a coat into a dress a la Lovi, and B) bringing a wrinkle-free printed dress that can be dressed up or down with a change of accessories! Need to be in a gown for a special occasion abroad? Opt for lightweight, flowy fabrics that are easy to steam—most hotels offer free ironing and steaming services anyway!


7. Yes, you can show skin!

Lovi is known for a lot of things, and one of those is her admirable set of abs. Showing them off has been a regular thing for her Insta feed, and we can't blame her! (We'd honestly show ours as often too, if we had anything that resembles hers!) Now if you're wondering how to show some skin while on vacay even when you're not on the beach, we'd do it the way Lovi does—by pairing crop tops with chic coverups to balance things out. Yes, you can look sexy without looking skanky!


8. Get playful with scarves.

One item we often neglect are our bundles of scarves gathering dust in the corners of our closets. Why not take them out for a spin on your next vacay and breathe new life into them the way Lovi does? The style icon adds a handkerchief detail to her neck on the first post, and a longer scarf as a neckpiece to complement her bikini and beach pants outfit. Trés chic!


Photos from @lovipoe