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A Roman Celebration: The Joy Of Bulgari’s 2018 Bridal Collection

Hedonism, cheerfulness and luxury—this is the spirit of Bvlgari’s love stories, captured in their decadent bridal rings and finery. As in most bridal jewelry collections, lovers, couples and even some self-loving clientele usually select between the classic jewelry styles, and the avant garde designs. But with Bvlgari, you’re guaranteed that Italian craftsmanship, Roman exuberance, and best of all, non-conflict diamonds (as surveyed by Kimberley Process certification).

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Even a simple, plain wedding band is given an elevated touch, such as Bvlgari’s Marry Me assortment, ranging from plain gold, rose gold, one-diamond to multiple diamonds. Or perhaps for a grand proposal, the Incontro d’amore is a truly one-of-a-kind creation, featuring a brilliant “halo” design and diamond apex. But why stop at rings? Bvlgari’s bridal collection also offers stud earrings to go with your ring, or even the jaw-dropping Serpenti diamond necklace for a truly sinful finish.

Indulge in Bvlgari’s 2018 Bridal Collection here:



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Photos are courtesy of Bvlgari