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Meet The Aduyon Sling, A Zarah Juan x Tublay Community Collab For ABS-CBN Foundation

And now it’s all sold out!

It’s a new dawn for Filipino local communities and artisans as more and more of their work are highlighted throughout the Philippines and the world. Today, we celebrate the ABS-CBN Foundation as they work with social and cultural enterprise Zarah Juan for a product that banners the work of different Filipino communities across the country. Yesterday, the foundation launched the Aduyon Sling, a feminine bag born out of a dynamic collaboration for the benefit of the Weaving Arts and Crafts of Tublay (WACoT).


The Aduyon Sling, which has since been sold out just an hour into its launch, is a design by Zarah Juan having products from the weavers of Tublay in mind. It’s a fitting term as ‘Aduyon’ is an Ibaloi word for the Filipino bayanihan, or working together as a community to achieve a common goal or dream. The sling bag was the end-product of many hands working together, having a world class product at the end of it all. From the weavers’ hands in Tublay, Benguet, to assembly in Sta. Rita, Bulacan, and final stitching at the Zarah Juan headquarters, the bag is truly a labor of love. With only 30 pieces in production, it was indeed a sought after bag.

From this project, the ABS-CBN Foundation aims to explore more communities, supporting them, collaborating with them to fully embrace their skills and talent. They have the products and tools, it’s now high time to give them the confidence to start a whole new creative journey, opening doors to more opportunities in the future.

The 30-piece limited edition bag has since been sold out within one hour of its launch.

In this Metro.Style exclusive, we talked to designer Zarah Juan, herself, about the collaboation with WACoT and the ABS-Foundation.

Tell us something about the brand ethos or the heart of Zarah Juan or Zarah Juan products

At the heart of Zarah Juan is a strong energy connection between communities who are passionate in what they do and are inspired to change and build a better tomorrow.

How important is it for brands like yours to support, collaborate, and work with Filipino artisans? With organizations like the ABS-CBN Foundation who support community-based social enterprises?

Without collaboration, Zarah Juan will not become a brand. We realized that design has the power to unite people. And when people unite to create products that are meaningful, the magic happens.

Working with ABS-CBN Foundation defines the true meaning of Bayanihan Spirit. Each detail of the project was treated with utmost attention. The dedication of each of its team member is truly inspiring. We are grateful to work with an organization that aims to lift communities to a level of self-actualization where hope can grow and dreams can come true.

The WACoT weavers and the end product of their labor of love

In this light, tell us something about the choice to work with both the Foundation and the Weaving, Arts and Crafts of Tublay?

The alignment with ABS-CBN Foundation and the Weaving, Arts and Crafts of Tublay happened seamlessly. We were bonded with a common goal of community empowerment and sustainability.

What’s special about the piece made from this partnership / collaboration?

The design process in creating this bag was for the community to develop their own self-confidence. They already posses the skills and talent passed down through generations for weaving. This bag serves as the catalyst to discovering their own confidence. They have become inspired and confident in this collaboration. They take pride in their work and we wish them more collaborations in the future. The result was the beautiful Aduyon Sling, made with the unique weaves of the community. It is colorful, useful, spacious and strong.


Describe to us the experience working with the Weaving, Arts and Crafts of Tublay and the community around them.

The Tublay women are beautiful in heart and soul. They exemplify the art of weaving by their passion and devotion. Their dedication and hard work to continue their weaving traditions through collaborations even during these challenging times is admirable.

Describe to us the finest details of the bag collaboration. Even with its limited run, what kind of person do you envision wearing the Aduyon sling?

We take pride in creating products that inspire optimism. Each detail of the bag tells a story. We captured the inner beauty of its weavers and the amazing surrounding of Tublay. The person who wears the Aduyon bag is a proud story teller of our rich cultural heritage. Somebody who believes in the power of Filipino craftsmanship.

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Special thanks to Sunshine Yu and the ABS-CBN Foundation

Art by Raff Colmenar