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ABS-CBN Ball 2019: Behind The Look With Stylist Adrianne Concepcion

See Coleen Garcia, Kim Chiu, Kylie Verzosa, Bela Padilla, Mica Javier, Chie Filomeno, and Gretchen Ho get glammed up for the ball and talk about what they loved most about dressing in "Modern Filipiniana" for the glamorous evening!

Seven girls, seven dresses, and seven designers—all diverse in their styles and personalities, just like the influences, traditions, and cultures of the Philippines, the country they came to represent at the ABS-CBN Ball 2019. 

Coleen Garcia, Kim Chiu, Kylie Verzosa, Bela Padilla, Chie Filomeno, Mica Javier, and event host Gretchen Ho stunned at the event in their posh takes on "Modern Filipiniana" dressing, walking the red carpet in memorable pieces that symbolized who and what today's Filipina is.

But behind every great ball look is an even greater stylist tasked with putting together their final looks, perfecting every last detail from head to toe. And for this gorgeous set, they have stylist Adrianne Concepcion to thank, a celebrity favorite whose signature sexy aesthetic provided an unexpected sharpness to the traditional terno and barong that her girls wore with gusto. 

Explaining her take on the unique dress code, Adrianne shares, "The Modern Filipiniana [dress code] for me showcases femininity and womanhood. When you think Filipina, you think meek and graceful, but now, the modern Filipina is very strong and confident. She's not afraid to own her womanhood and sexuality. The modern Filipina embraces the power of that."

Excited to flex her styling capabilities in a totally new way, Adrianne did, however, also explain how certain boundaries needed to be set in order for her to remain respectful of and stay true to the essence of our national attire. 

"My aesthetic overall is very sexy... I was excited about incorporating my aesthetic and also the looks and branding of my girls and make them distinctly ours without pushing it too much. We still had to respect our culture; it's a very delicate trend," she says. 

"For me, sexy isn't exactly tantamount to skin. People have this notion that when you go sexy, you have to wear less, but that doesn't follow.  For me, sexy is confidence. To be sexy, you have to be confident. To be a modern Filipina is exactly that; you're self-assured without being disrespectful," Adrianne adds.

See more behind the scenes action of Adrianne and her stars getting ready for the ABS-CBN Ball 2019 in the video below!

Video by Spotlight Creatives. Photos from @adrianneconcept