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Tips On Buying Your First Luxury Bag, According To Lifestyle Consultant Aimee Hashim

Several days ago, I made a poll on Instagram, regarding what topic my followers would prefer for me to write about. While tips on getting your first luxury bag won majority of the votes, my most favorite topic—which shoes to invest on wasn’t too far behind. So I decided to indulge everyone and write about both topics with the first topic as a priority. For this particular feature, I'd like to focus on bags.

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Over the years, the market in luxury buying/shopping has tremendously changed. It evolved quite rapidly. 11 years ago, everyone was into the Louis Vuitton Neverfull and the Speedy. Although these models have proven to be a worthy investment especially for a first bag, I’d like to add more picks that are far from the usual ones most shoppers tend to consider first.


The Chanel Sequin Flap Bag. Photo: Macky Bautista


With the steep competition of fashion houses these days, style and functionality often goes together. Be it a day bag, work bag, or an evening bag, most luxury brands offer a wide array of bags to choose from. I came up with the top five I usually consider whenever I suggest to people who come to me for advice:

Gucci Marmont

This bag has become a favorite not only for its aestethic appeal, but for its ease of use. The line has gained popularity not only for its aesthetic appeal but because it’s also easy to use. This bag comes in one size which is just perfect for everyday use or for travelling. The strap is also adjustable. You can either use it as a shoulder bag, sling or cross body. It does come with a flat top handle that you can use whenever you feel like you’d like to carry it that way. 



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Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

This model is popular not only to influencers but to everyone who loves the brand because it really is very usable. The bag comes in different prints, with the monogram and the reverse being the most saleable.  The size is just right for your daily essentials. It has a division in the middle, an inner pocket and a back pocket. The straps and flat top handle, same with the Gucci Marmont can be adjusted as well. I personally like this bag because it can fit quite a lot. Plus, it’s pretty enough to tote around from day 'til night.



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Goyard St. Louis

A lighter, more colorful version of a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, this bag comes in a wide range of Goyard signature colors. I do find this bag really practical. It’s lightweight, comes in two sizes, and is very easy to use. It also comes with a pouch that's handy for anything you might need. It’s big enough to fit all your needs and chic enough to wear at the office, get togethers and most importantly, travels.



Aimee on the streets of Paris. Photo: Macky Bautista

Celine Nano Luggage

I remember the time when the luggage bags were really a must for every bag lover. I’ve had them in all the sizes but realized later on that the Nano bag is the best. Surprisingly, this tiny bag can fit a lot. You can wear it as a shoulder sling, crossbody or handheld. It's easily a day to night bag. I practically used it every day back when it was my favorite.

Chanel 2.55

If budget is not an issue, the best investment would still be the classics. For those who are saving up, I highly suggest that you patiently wait until you can purchase what you really want (i.e double flap). Although the medium doesn’t hold a lot, over the years it has made its mark as the top-selling bag amongst other bags every girl should own. The jumbo, its bigger version is a personal favorite as well. Nothing beats a classic, black and gold chain combination that can hold your necessities inside. This one never goes out of style!



Lead photos by Macky Bautista and SweetEscape (right-most)