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Paris Fashion Week Made Me Upgrade My Style. Here's Everything I Wore

Whenever I travel, I make it a point to dress up. I am after all in the fashion business, so it just makes sense to immerse myself fully in the scene. It's just proper that I represent my company (myself and my business) well. 

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While we all prepare for every trip, every destination needs a different take on what to wear and how to wear them. During Paris Fashion Week however, people strut with their best clothes forward, what with all the paparazzi and celebrities everywhere you turn. You sure don't want to be left unprepared. 


All dressed up for the Dior A/W 2019 show


Staying in Paris for two weeks, being in fashion shows and living in places near the show venues, I made a compilation of some of the best dressed attendees and passers by that caught my eye. It comes as no question that my Paris-based photographers are proudly Filipinos, (Macky Bautista who took majority of the photos, as well as Jyd Perez). Simply put, they were quick to capture whatever I found beautiful. Enjoy the awe-inspiring fashion in the gallery below:




Having the time of my life in Paris


So while we're at it, I decided to document some of the favorite looks I prepared for this trip. My personal style is very unpredictable, and I like dressing up in different ways. I don't limit myself when it comes to what I wear. I can be all girly girl one day, and go all Hypebeast the next. 

Just a little tip though: Bear in mind that you need to wear whatever feels comfortable and what suits you best! After all, an inner glow and beauty radiates outwardly when you are completely satisfied with yourself and not just what you wear. When you know that what you're wearing makes you confident—go for that!


My top Paris Fashion Week looks:





Photo: SweetEscape



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