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Meet the International Designer Set to Rebrand This Filipino Fashion Brand

Italian fashion designer, Alessandra Facchinetti announces her new job post at the Filipino luxury brand.

After her pro-longed break from the fashion industry, Alessandra Facchinetti comes back and takes her new job post at Harlan + Holden as the brand's creative director. The Italian fashion designer was known for her glorious days in creative directing Valentino right after the retirement of Valentino Garavani. After working for Valentino, she then graces the luxury houses of Miu Miu, Gucci, and Tod's, creating a massive influence on each brand's steep stature. 

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Her monumental work experiences prove that she has yet to bring Harlan + Holden in center stage. Harlan + Holden was founded in the Philippines by Emmanuel Pineda. With over 20 retail boutiques across the Philippines, Indonesia, and South Korea, the brand is set to become Asia’s blooming luxury house. From billowy dresses, chic outerwear, to one of a kind timeless pieces, Harlan + Holden takes one step dressing into the next level.

On an interview with the New York Times, Alessandra shares that she wanted a new challenge and she felt that creative directing for Harlan + Holden means having a grand opportunity to design in a completely different perspective. The designer already plans blueprints for Harlan + Holden’s future in retail as she shares her ideas on using low-cost but premium materials that are fit for humid climates. She also aims to continue and showcase in great detail the brand’s one step dressing philosophy with designing clothes minus the usual buttons or zippers, a true challenge in which Alessandra is more than willing to take. Harlan + Holden does not hop from one trend to another and the designer plans to keep it that way.

The future proves that it is ready for yet another batch of Alessandra Facchinetti’s creations. Fashion enthusiasts and alike are more than thrilled for Alessandra’s first collection. Need we say less?