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“An Instant Connection”: Heart Evangelista Talks About Her Feature With Kevin Kwan And The Real ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

When photos on Instagram showed Heart Evangelista going around Paris Couture Fashion Week with ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ author, Kevin Kwan, along with other fashion mavens, fans have been dying to know what’s in the works. Well, now we know that Heart was actually selected by Kevin himself to be part of a Harper’s Bazaar USA special for ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. The feature looks into the highly exclusive lives of front-row couture buyers, and how integral fashion is to the lives of these women.


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WATCH: This Is What Heart Evangelista Was Up To With Kevin Kwan At Paris Fashion Week

“I met Kevin here in the Philippines,” recounts Heart, who he described as “the darling of the Philippines” in the video feature. “When we met, we had an instant connection. He was just very nice, very humble, and I really appreciate that. I was actually star struck!”

Heart, who regularly attends Paris Fashion Weeks, admits that she nearly declined the opportunity due to personal matters. “At the time, I was actually going through something.”, she remarks. “But I thought that it was also a wonderful way for me to get out of my house. So he called me up, and [he] asked me if I was going to Paris Couture Week.”

The feature, which also included Feiping Chang and Yeoh sisters, Rachelle and Michelle, was a fun mix of dress-up, exciting runway shows and some juicy stories. All of which, was absolutely memorable to Heart, who will likely keep talking about it in the years to come. Whether or not she does consider herself a real ‘crazy rich Asian’ is still up for interpretation; but we in the Philippines can at least be proud that we have our own version of the fashionable Astrid Leong (the stylish and romantic heroine in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’).

“Being in Hollywood is just a dream that I stopped dreaming about when I was younger!” says Heart, revealing that she actually did audition for a part in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. “I remember auditioning for the part just because, I thought, what if? I needed to get it off my list. This [fashion feature] was a surprise, and I was thrilled that Harper’s Bazaar US featured me. [I have] so much love for Kevin Kwan!”

Heart Evangelista In Paris Couture Week



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