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An Intimate Look Into The Brooks Brothers 200th Anniversary

Since the beginning of year 2018, fashion mavens were already lauding the heritage American retailer Brooks Brothers for their upcoming milestone. April marked their bicentennial anniversary, a feat for any modern fashion house; and everyone can agree the best is yet to come.

In a star-studded affair at the Jazz at Lincoln Center, industry friends, family and celebrities gathered around for a grand night. There was music, cocktails, duets and speeches saved only for the exclusive crowd, as they reveled in this old Americana-style party. Fortunately for us, Metro.Style Editor-At-Large Sarah Meier was there to document the occasion for us.



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The celebration itself was poignant and moving, notes Sarah, to see how far Brooks Brothers have come in their commitment to craftsmanship. “In times of fast-paced consumption and the glorification of instant gratification, the story of excellence, finely tuned with years of mastery, is a brilliant reminder to us all that quality, integrity, tradition, and heritage, are the only things we can truly lean on to survive the whiplash of innovation.”

Check out what went on in the Brooks Brothers 200th Birthday celebration in these special photos:





Watch out for the full story in Metro July 2018.

Photos are courtesy of Stores Specialists Inc.