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An Orange Obsession

Photo: Chris Lawton via Unsplash


I moved from Manila to New York City earlier this year with two suitcases, one of them filled with clothes and shoes, the other with an assortment of objects I couldn’t bear to let go of—a music box from my childhood, a few of my favorite books, bottles of perfume, crystals, and other odds and ends I believed would make any room that I occupied feel more like home. Now, needless to say, coming from the tropical island nation of the Philippines, a majority of my wardrobe was designed to allow as much air circulation as possible; thin, breathable fabrics of a flowing constitution took up prime real estate in my closet. Which means that as the temperature in my newfound city began to drop, so did my efficiency getting dressed in the morning.

You don’t realize how many pairs of open-toed shoes you own until "this little piggy” begins to freeze, and it dawns on you how great of an invention socks actually are.

But here’s why, despite my ill-preparedness for her, I have completely fallen for Fall.


Colors of the Season

 Photo: Instagram @ERDEM 


Ask for my favorite color, and depending on the kind of vibe I’m in, you’re going to get either “Hermès orange” or “forest green”—two key colors for the fall season that I adore on their own, but not something I’d ever really appreciated together. Yet as the leaves turn from deep green to gold, then honey to rust, my sentiments turn as well. This combination of hues lends a warmth to the otherwise cooling surroundings, and the contrast is as romantic as every movie set in autumn has ever made it out to be. (Ten points for you if an image of  Winona Ryder and Richard Gere just popped into your head.)

This means that everything from your clothes, to make up, to home decor all have the potential to amp up the awesomeness of autumn. I’m a burnt sienna and copper girl year-round, but taking very similar shades of a muted, earthy orange-red and using them on both eyelids and lips as holiday season approaches, is a surefire win for any girl, with any skin tone.


Food, Glorious Food?

Photo: Instagram @JamieOliver


’Tis the season to make nice with pumpkin spice. Not in coffee lattes, seeing as I don’t drink those, but in pretty much everything else. Bought pumpkin spice hot chocolate the other day, and a pumpkin spice candle, which are creating the perfect setting for the roasting of this 13 pound turkey I have brining in my fridge! Maple-cranberry sauce, sweet potato mash, gravy made from the turkey drippings—all apt and appetizing for autumn. The slow cooker is definitely my best friend as the weather gets cooler; I use it to make batches of bone broth, rich stews and hearty soups to warm my family up after the gloves and coats come off. 

Also, pro tip: throw a couple of store bought cookies into the toaster to get them as close to that freshly baked state, in record time. Yum.


Good Ol’ Holiday Spirit

Photo: Bekir Donmez via Unsplash


So there’s Halloween to close out October, Veteran’s Day about a week and a half into November, then Thanksgiving on the last Thursday before December sets in. Trick or treating was really nice this year; I love how Brooklyn shows up with their class-A costumes and neighborhood involvement (there was a zombie band rocking out on a full stage set up in front of someone’s house, for crying out loud). Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving are both primed for appreciation; an expression of gratitude for sacrifices made. Which really all paves the way for the spirit of Christmas. Woohoo, December! Are we not all ready for the holiday break?


The Art of Layers

Photo: Bottega Veneta


Every fashion person’s friend, layering is a great way to establish your personal style. Do you go high contrast with bold color blocking or wearing print on print? Or do you make a statement by going completely monochromatic? The beauty of layering is also related to item #2 above (food), because you can pass off the extra pounds of holiday eating as, oh, just another sweater layer. *wink*


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