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Be Stylish At Your Office Christmas Party

The holidays are in full swing—parties left and right, family reunions, crowded malls, and social events galore. What's a girl to do? Prepare awesome outfits of course! We enlisted the help of Metro.Style Editor-in-Chief Ria de Borja to share tips on how to look and be your best at your office Christmas party. 

Do: Wear a festive outfit in honor of the holidays.
Don't: Overdo it. One red sweater and matching skirt is enough to express your cheer. You don't need to match it with deer antlers, a tutu and sparkly shades.

Snakeskin and embellishments are a great festive look for the holidays! Sport a statement blazer such as this for extra corporate appeal.


Do: Wear something you're comfortable in. You don't want to get decked out but unable to join in the celebration of what Christmas is partly about: enjoying the goodies!
Don't: Look as casual as you normally do in the office. Add those funky heels you've been dying to wear.


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Wear those statement heels you've been reserving for the holidays. We love a velvet pair of booties!


Do: Join the Christmas presentation or show. It's always chic to laugh and have some good fun.
Don't: Go overboard. Nobody likes to see a drunken buffoon in a gathering where everybody else is having a good--not good til you drop--time. 


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Christmas company performances are a great excuse to bust out those pretty dresses you're too shy to wear on a normal office day. Just remember to still keep it chic!


Do: Be thankful for the job, the company, your life, your family, everything. When you feel grateful about work, you've won half the battle--you spend almost half your life at the office.
Don't: Exaggerate. You have one Christmas a year. No one wants to see tears at a fun, frolicking party! Merry Christmas!


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While red is the go-to hue for Christmas, why not try an all green outfit in different textures? Definitely no elf vibes here, just pure office chic!


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