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A Tribute To The Late Couturier Ben Farrales: A Hallmark of Philippine Fashion

The passing of another fashion legend is a sad day for the industry. Here's what we will remember from Mang Ben.

The world is at a standstill as another Filipino fashion legend passes away. Ben Farrales, who peacefully died Saturday at the age of 88, was truly a man ahead of his time and is a great loss to the local fashion industry. Famously known for being the Dean of Philippine Fashion, Mang Ben was an audacious master of local textiles, fluid lines, and his signature Muslim-inspired gowns, traditional ternos, and Maria Claras.  

Photo from Philippine Fashion Week

His reputation precedes him. If fabrics, beads, and hems could speak, they would agree that Mang Ben was a man of great tenure and he’s not one to hide the fact that he has superior standards. His elite clientele would tell us so, too. Mang Ben’s artistic temperament and perfectionism were some of the key factors that made his outstanding career. 

Photo from Philippine Fashion Week

With over 200 shows presented locally and internationally, it’s no question why Mang Ben’s creations continue to shake us up to this day. His iconic Spring/Summer 2014 runway show at Philippine Fashion Week was received by a thunderous standing ovation. The three-part collection entitled Pais Tropicale, Moda Maynila, and Farrales Filipiñiana, each showcased Mang Ben’s best of best. From contemporary loungewear, cocktail outfits, draped gowns, Filipiñiana dresses, to his riveting Muslim-inspired ternos, the grand runway show was truly a tell-all of Mang Ben’s genius.

Photo from FilipinaZ

More recently, the designer was celebrated at the Fora by FilipinaZ, a multi-disciplinary holiday bazaar and exhibit organized by Zonta Club. A tribute wall that featured Mang Ben’s archival works welcomed the guests the moment they entered the space. With over 60 years of monumental success under his belt, it would be impossible to miss such an icon like Mang Ben. Budding designers and fashion industry people must never forget of his contributions in the local fashion industry and his greatness.