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3 Most Stylish Dads And The Best Fashion Advice They Will Give Their Kids

Nothing beats a dad who appreciates and loves their kids in style!

There are far too many reasons to celebrate Father's Day but we are putting our spotlight to three of the most stylish dads this year. In this Metro exclusive, Dr. Hayden KhoDoug Kramer and Hideo Muraoka talk to us about their personal style and what they want their kids to learn from them style-wise! Amidst all the hustle they have to do for their families, these three dads chose to rise in every occasion with the right amount of suave and practicality. From their everyday "uniforms", their own take on laid-back loungewears, a couple of their favorite designer pieces, down to their outstanding choices for formal wear, we highly respect Hayden, Doug, and Hideo's fashion choices! 

Read up down below to see their personal messages to their own mini-mes:

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Dr. Hayden Kho to Scarlet Snow Belo

Photo from @dochayden

When Dr. Hayden Kho is not in his custom Belo Medical Group coat, he is most likely in his favorite streetwear sneakers and other coveted menswear designer pieces from Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Gucci! Above everything else, Hayden loves a classic timepiece. “Not many know this but I actually love collecting watches. I almost feel naked when I’m not wearing a watch and they are definitely my favorite pieces to wear. My most-loved piece is a black enamel-dialed 5370P dress watch” says Hayden. And like every dad, he would love for Scarlet to inherit these timepieces before it becomes obsolete. “I would want her to actually wear them instead of just storing them as museum pieces” Hayden adds. 

Although he admits that he is not an expert in women’s fashion, he want to try his best on shaping Scarlet Snow’s taste and supporting her own style choices. “I would want her to be a well-mannered woman with high standards of taste. I do think that Scarlet Snow looks best in simple long dresses with happy colors and prints very similar to her stylish mom, Vicki,” says Hayden. 

Doug Kramer

to Kendra Kramer, Scarlett Kramer, and Gavin Kramer

Photo from @dougkramer

Entrepreneur and former PBA basketball player, Doug Kramer is the man of the hour when it comes to family time. Doug is a simple man at best. "I wish I can answer nicely but I'm a plain t-shirt kind of guy," says Doug when we asked him for any type of fashion advice he wants to give to his kids. He gravitates towards more practical pieces like plain white, black, and blue shirts but keeps a couple of wild cards every now and then. Notwithstanding that, we absolutely think his influence and mind set is already a great influence to his kids. Completely fuss-free, minimal, and boundless when it comes to fashion, Doug wants the same sense of style freedom for Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. 

In this day and age, take it from Doug and keep in mind that the greatest gift from a dad is his unwavering support and a space for each of your style sensibilities to grow!

Hideo Muraoka

to Daniela Muraoka and Kenzo Muraoka

Photo from @hideo_official

Hideo Muraoka may have been the face of several luxury designer campaigns and runway shows but he is always drawn to effortless fashion when it comes to his downtime. The Brazilian-Japanese model and photographer likes to keep it at ease with his linen shirts, button-downs, and jogger material pants or shorts. "I want Daniela and Kenzo to learn that comfort is everything and that they can always choose pieces they like and enjoy to wear. My best piece of advice is that they don't always have to follow trends," says Hideo.

When it comes to clothing, form, function, and comfort is utmost importance. Just like Hideo, do take note that no matter what style or aesthetic you come to adapt as you go into your own style journey, always remember to go back to the basics! 

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