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#MetroStyleWatch: Score Casual Outfit Tips & Tricks From These Social Media Influencers & Beauty Queens!

Beauty enthusiasts, rejoice! Albert Kurniawan, the go-to makeup artist of Metro Most Stylish Heart Evangelista, has finally launched a physical store for his gorgeous makeup line Teviant, named after his mother Thevianty. Located at the beauty section of the SM Megamall Department Store, his chic, rose gold collection boasts of covet-worthy eye makeup ranging from highly pigmented eye shadow palettes, glitter eye liners, wearable eye brow tints, and more!

Metro.Style attended the exclusive media launch of the Teviant store. where fashion bloggers, makeup vloggers, and beauty queens were all clad in the chicest casual outfits. Ahead, we've rounded up the most stylish guests spotted at the event. For your dose of everyday style inspiration, keep scrolling!

Kryz Uy

"I wanted to wear this silk slip dress—[but] because it’s a very formal outfit, I thought of dressing it down a bit with block heels and a backpack. I think it’s not a common thing to see, so I like the juxtaposition. I also decided to wear mismatched earrings. It just tones out the outfit from very formal to playful and youthful."—Kryz Uy to Metro.Style.


Kaila Estrada

"These are my favorite pieces from SM Youth right now. I love oversized blazers—I literally have one in every color! I was going for a more laid-back chic number for today to go with the Teviant vibe, [which is] classic and contemporary. I'm also obsessed with turtle necks and really short skirts. I'd been wearing pants for the past years—I rarely wore dresses and skirts—but now, I'm super into mini skirts."—Kaila Estrada to Metro.Style


Kelly Misa

"I didn't have time this morning to think about my outfit, and I just wanted to be comfortable today. I wanted to wear this blouse, so I was thinking of what to pair it with—and then I remembered I have this jumpsuit from years ago, and I haven't worn it in so long. Buti na lang they matched!"—Kelly Misa to Metro.Style


Maxine Medina

"I just wanted to hang out [with my friends], and move around kahit maraming tao, so that's why I wore jeans. Usually kasi, whenever I'd wear a dress, I'd feel uncomfy. I love pants! I also wore earrings for a bit of a boho chic touch."—Maxine Medina to Metro.Style


Laureen Uy

"I'm wearing [a] the___edit dress, [a] Camila and Marc blazer, and Tibi shoes. I love monochromatic looks. I feel like even if [the pieces are] not coords, meaning they're not really meant for each other, you can still play around them as long as they're in the same color family. Now I'm trying to play with pastel colors. It's super not me, but I'm getting the hang of it!"—Laureen Uy to Metro.Style


Mikaela Martinez

"This jumper is from Cameo Collective, an Australian designer, and then I topped it with a Zara blazer just so I'd feel comfier 'cause we're in the mall. I'm also wearing Dior slip-ons because they're so comfy and I can wear them the whole day. And for my necklaces, I layered them together—these are all from Hey Jow. It's so fun to layer pieces!"—Mikaela Martinez to Metro.Style



Janeena Chan

"Yesterday, I came from a whole day shoot and I was thinking of what to wear for today. When I came home from the shoot, I received a package from Style Genie—it’s a subscription box, so everything in it is a surprise. This [dress] fits well! I love the design and style, so I said, "Yes! Perfect! Thank You, God!"

The top and bottom were actually stitched together so it was meant to be a jumpsuit style—but I prefer it this way, so I cut the thread at the side. Whatever works for you, right? I also asked my mom to tighten the waist a bit. The thing with subscription boxes is that sometimes, they're not super your size, and some of the pieces are free size—but hey! It's better that they're bigger than too small for you!"—Janeena Chan to Metro.Style


Michelle Dy

"I actually had a hard time planning my outfit 'cause I don't know what's gonna happen today, like kung ano ang set-up, so I said I'm going to wear jeans today since it's day time. I also added something flashy—a glitter top—to match Teviant. Then finally, I added a blazer!"—Michelle Dy to Metro.Style


Ariella Arida

"I actually came from a show this morning, and I went straight here, so ito rin suot ko kanina. Normally, I like wearing pieces [that can be styled] from casual to dressy."—Ariella Arida to Metro.Style


Photography by Daniel Soriano